Sunday, August 13, 2017

Uncle Joe Biden: "There is only one side." Yeah--In the #Half-Truth Media.

Say It Ain't So, Joe!

"Do you like gladiator movies, son? Would you like to swim naked at my house
 and watch the female Secret Service agents squirm?"
Only "one side", Joe? Really? Even that kid you molested at the Obamacare signing is trans now. Good work, Joe.

The only place there is "only one side" is in the #FakeNarrative Media. 

They are trying desperately trying to frame this as "White Nationalists" vs. "counter-protestors", with no mention at all of the violent Antifa thugs mixed in with the college kids merely seeking their self-validating Selma Selfie-moment.

And, as always, they're trying to frame Trump.

If there is "only one side", then tell me this:

* Whose side was Obama on when he was plotting with Bob Creamer in the Oval Office to instigate violence at Trump rallies?
* Whose side is Nazi-turned-Communist George Soros on when he funds Antifa mobs and Democrats?
* Whose side was radical Democrat James Hodgkinson on when he opened fire on Republican congressmen?
* Whose side were Obama, Holder, Sharpton and CNN on when they declared the War on Cops?
* Whose side was Capt. Nidal Hassan on?
* Whose side were the Iranian and Somali drivers on when they ran over other students?
* Whose side was Black Lives on when they were chanting "Kill the Pigs!", earning them an invitation to the White House?
* Whose side were the Antifa Vigilantes on when they burned Berkeley and assaulted opponents on campuses and at events throughout the nation?
* Whose side was Trump-hater Clayton Carter on when he shot a GOP Committeeman?
* Whose side was CNN on when they were financing and pimping the Trump Assassination Porn-in-the-Park Play?

I could go on, but I'm waiting for Obama, Hillary and America's Creepy Uncle to denounce the Communist Party, which regularly endorses them. Waiting. Waiting. Still waiting...

The Many Sides of Joe "No Speedo" Biden

Name All the Babies, Liars. You Can't Get The Whole Story From A #Half-Truth Media.

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