Saturday, August 5, 2017

Who's "Living in the Shadows" Now?

Sheriff Reese: 'I was only following orders

"As usual, America's money-no-object federal bureaucracy went to the trouble of installing in Mrs Clinton's home a SCIF ("Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility") that only those with top security clearances are meant to be able to access - and then Hillary let her Filipina maid have the run of it. These materials are so sensitive that, even when they're coughed up to these inquiries and investigations, they're heavily redacted: You can't see them but Marina Santos sees everything: She's J Edgar with a Hoover. On Her Majesty's Secret Servant. For Your And Your Servants' Eyes Only. Hillary erased the distinction between the intelligence service, the diplomatic service and domestic service - because to her they're all servants, and who can tell the difference? ...Democrats' and many Republicans' message to the "culturally dispossessed" is to shut up, and get used to - what's the phrase? - "living in the shadows"."--Mark Steyn

Ace of Spades: "In NYC, naked "desnuda" street beggars wearing only some body paint and maybe a thong are aggressively panhandling for money. They're supposed to remain in a designated zone, but they frequently leave the zone to harass people for money. Oh, and also, expose children to street nudity.
NYC won't crack down on them because most are illegals. ...
What is truly offensive is that American political officials continue to privilege non-citizens with Get Out of Jail Free passes that are not on offer to actual American citizens.".......

We now have a two-tiered justice system: one for the Clintons and illegal aliens, and another one for the rest of us.

Questions, though;

* Since it is forbidden to even ask the question, how do we know they're illegal?

* And even if they had documents, where do they keep them?

* They're parading through Times Square buck naked in the noon-day sun, seeking as much attention as they can get by making themselves human tourist attractions: so whatever happened to that whole "Living in the Shadows"-thing?

A: This:

PJMedia: Oregon Officials Blow Off Press Inquiries Regarding Illegal Alien Rapist In Portland

"In the wake of the brutal rape of a 65-year-old woman in Portland, Ore., by an illegal alien drug addict, multiple media outlets have requested comments from Oregon public officials regarding their continued support for sanctuary state and sanctuary city policies. All of these requests have been blown off by elected officials.
First, it was reported by Kerry Picket at The Daily Caller that Ron Wyden, Oregon's Democratic senator, refused comment on the story...
I reached out to the offices of Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler and Oregon Governor Kate Brown. In the case of Brown, I left multiple voice mails with several of the press secretaries listed on her website. I also emailed.

Ted Wheeler's office...assured me the statement would be available by 5 p.m. Wednesday, and said he would email it directly to me.
As of this writing, I have received nothing, and there's been nothing in the press.".......

The ones hiding in the shadows now are the Democrat officials who don't want to be held accountable for their Sanctuary Rape policies.

KATU: "Officials with US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) claim the Multnomah County Jail let a "serial immigration violator" walk out last year despite a detainer, and did so without notifying ICE.

That same man is now accused of violently assaulting two women earlier this week in Portland.

Court documents previously obtained by KATU News show Sergio Jose Martinez has been deported to Mexico 20 times. He has previous convictions for attempted battery, felony burglary and illegal re-entry into the country after removal.

Martinez is accused of sexually and physically assaulting a 65-year-old woman in NE Portland early Monday morning, and then stealing her car. He's also accused of a violent assault at a NE Portland garage that occurred later that same day. He's facing robbery, kidnapping and assault charges in connection with the parking garage attack, as well as robbery, burglary, sodomy and sex abuse charges in the early morning attack.".......

Twenty times. Twenty.

It is everyday Americans who are being forced to live in the shadows in their very own country, by a government that arrogantly refuses to perform it's basic duty.

She lives in His Shadow

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