Thursday, September 15, 2016

Coroner: Pilots Die By Blunt Force Obama Trauma

If They Were Iranian Pilots, They Would Have The Funding They Need

FoxNews: "Today, the vast majority of Marine Corps aircraft can’t fly.

“Quite honestly, it is coming on the backs of our young Marines,” Lt. Col. Matthew “Pablo” Brown, commanding officer...

Cannibalization, or taking parts from one multi-million dollar aircraft to get other multi-million dollar aicraft airborne, has become the norm. To get one Hornet flying again, Marines at Beaufort stripped a landing gear door off a mothballed museum jet. ...

"We are supposed to be flying jets, not building them,” said Lt. Col. Harry Thomas, Commanding Officer...

Lt. Col Thomas, call sign “Crash,” deployed to the Pacific with 10 jets last year. Only seven made it. A fuel leak caused his F/A-18 to catch fire in Guam. Instead of ejecting, he landed safely, saving taxpayers $29 million.

Thomas has deployed eight times in all, including six to Iraq and Afghanistan. Right now only two of his 14 Hornets can fly. His Marines deploy in three months.

...Josh Earnest put the onus on Congress to right the problem – and said Republicans have blocked spending reforms that would have helped military readiness. He said Republicans “championed” the sequester cuts.".........

"Spending reforms"? Obama is holding pilots hostage to get massive new welfare spending--on top of the massive old welfare spending. I don't blame Republicans for holding the line--but I do fault them for not raising holy hell.

Fox: "Marine Maj. Sterling Norton, 36, was killed when his F/A-18 Hornet crashed on July 28 during a live-fire nighttime training accident in Southern California.
Less than a week later, another F/A-18 from the same squadron crashed outside Naval Air Station Fallon, Nev. The pilot ejected safely – but it was the squadron’s third F/A-18 crash since October - two of which were fatal.
The Marine Corps, in response, conducted a one-day safety stand-down.
But such accidents are becoming more frequent – amid concerns that insufficient training and an aging fleet hobbled by a shortage of spare parts are contributing factors. A Fox News investigation reveals that, overall, the entire U.S. military saw a 48 percent increase in non-combat aviation crashes in 2014 and 2015 compared with the two prior years, based on press reports.
“They are going up partly because they are not getting the training they should get. They're going up because maintenance is harder and harder to accomplish. They are going up because the airplanes are getting older and older,” said House Armed Services Committee Chairman Mac Thornberry, R-Texas, in an interview with Fox News.
Maj. Norton deployed in combat to Afghanistan in 2012. His commanding officer called him one of his best pilots. According to the Washington Post, a Marine who witnessed the crash said Norton’s jet “broke apart in midair” while in a dive preparing to fire weapons.
"I want to wait for the investigation report. However, these jets are too old and should not be flown anymore," Norton's mother, Mary Anne Vanderhoof, told Fox News.
She added that her son was an elite Top Gun graduate and weapons tactics instructor."

And a casualty of Barack Obama's War on the Military.

If shootings by police were up 48% like aviation crashes, the Justice Dept. would use that statistic to shut down every police department in America.

While Obama is rebuilding the Iranian military, he is gutting ours. And purposefully throwing away the lives of our pilots, the best this country has to offer.

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