Tuesday, September 27, 2016

If "Paying Taxes = Patriotism", Then Why Did Hillary Deduct Bill's Used Skivvies?

No Taxation Without Fumigation!
Sen. Hanes Herway of the Big House Un-American Underwear Activites Taxation Committee:
"If the taxpayer's passive activity gross income from significant participation passive activities (within the meaning of section 1.4692T(f)(2) through (4)) exceeds the taxpayer's passive activity deductions from such activities for the taxable year, such activities shall be treated, solely for purposes of applying this paragraph (f)(2)(i) for the taxable year, as a single activity that does not have a loss for such taxable year."
(actual foreign gobbledygook good government at work!)
If "Paying Taxes = Patriotism" like Hillary says, then why did she donate Bill's used underwear as a tax deduction? Not to mention the public health implications.

Was it unpatriotic? Or merely unsanitary? Or evidence-tampering?

Why does Bill Clinton wear underwear? To keep his ankles warm.
I said 'ankles', not 'Skankles'.
Trump obeyed the law, the tax laws that Hillary and her Senate pals passed, whereas she broke national security and public corruption laws--laws that she and her gasbag gangsters also passed. She's both behind the law--and Above the Law!

Again, she's slamming Trump for obeying the law. She could have changed the tax laws if she didn't want Donald to obey them--but she didn't get that job done, either.

The Clintons also took an "unpatriotic" charity deduction for the million dollars they gave to their favorite charity--themselves.

Giving money to their own Bribe Factory Foundation isn't charity; it's money laundering.

And there's a phrase for bunco "charities" that only give 5% away: "RICO target".

Dancing for the cameras on the Santa Monica Damage Control Beach:
"Give me those skivvies, Buster."
"Wow! Sure, honey. I thought..."
"Don't get excited, Romeo--I can get $3.50 for those on April 15th."
If Billionaire Hillary is really that concerned about government revenues, she should give the US Treasury the $145 million she and her husband skimmed from all the deals surrounding her sale of our uranium to Putin. And that's just one chapter in a very long book.

Atom Auntie, $tate Department's Top Uranium $ales-Gal:
"What could be more patriotic than paying taxes and selling Russia our uranium supply?"
Handing somebody Bill Clinton's underpants for a tax break is more Un-American than the Donald not wanting to send more money down the Federal Rat-hole. For example, the $6 Billion Dollar Rat-hole at Hillary's State Department.

I'm sure that money will $how up any day now--in the Caymans.

In fairness though, Bill didn't wear his underpants much anyway.

UPDATE: H & R Rodham also claimed a tax deduction for the costs of her illegal server. Ace: "So you can't blame Hillary for her illegal email server-- you paid for it, after all.".......

Hillary will also say we paid for Pagliano's false statements to Martha Stewart's FBI, his Official Secrets Act violations, hiding behind the Fifth Amendment and obstruction of justice--just like she says the Russians never thought about hacking her emails until Donald made a joke about it.

Shouldn't those tax savings go to the families of the spies she got killed by her negligence? Or were their depreciated lives just another business expense necessary to keep her Bribery emails secret?

And because it's the Clintons, even those write-offs were sketchy: "Those deductions can only be taken for equipment used for in-home business expenses—destroying Hillary Clinton's assertion that her private server was only for "personal emails."

Like Hillary scolded Donald, "That's less money for veterans, baby ducks, Solyndra and Michelle Obama shopping sprees." With the money she greedily kept for herself, we could have easily put a entire Syrian terror cell through the eighth grade.

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