Friday, September 2, 2016

It's Not the Quarterback, It's the Coach

The Fish Rots From the Head Down

Blame Quarterback Colin Karpernik Kaespernix Keapererknick K. if you want to. He's old enough to know better, even if he was ordered to spout the Black Lives Matter-party line by his new girlfriend.

The whole premise is based on the "Hands Up" Big Lie, when thug Michael Brown tried to murder Officer Darren Wilson with the officer's own gun. Their latest scheduled Riot, Loot & Burn was in Milwaukee. The "movement" has become so pathological that 'protestors' there were rioting for the Constitutional Right of black criminals to shoot black police officers.

The two actually went to school together; one chose to protect and serve his community, the other chose to rob and poison his community

He was cited favorably "after he and his partner bought dinner for a homeless woman and found shelter for her, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported at the time."

He was cited, too; "eight times for robbery, carrying a concealed weapon, theft, heroin possession, and other crimes. On February 3, 2015, he had been charged with felony first-degree "reckless endangering safety", in relation to a shooting at a party on August 24, 2014. This charge was followed by felony witness intimidation." He was casing homes for burglary when he pointed his stolen gun at police--three more crimes.

By the way, back in the bad old days, many black communities had higher rates of marriage and employment and lower rates of crime and out-of-wedlock births than nearby white communities--until the Government started "helping" by replacing dads, suppressing jobs, coddling crime and disparaging traditional values.

Kaepernick clearly hasn't thought through the issue. He showed up recently wearing "Police are Pigs" socks and a Fidel Castro t-shirt. If you're going to protest racist police brutality, you might not want to lionize the racist leader of a brutal police state. The Castros are ethnic Spaniards who have no use for blacks--or free speech. But they do have a use for police brutality, and on a daily basis. The t-shirt just confirms that BLM isn't a civil rights group, but a Marxist power trip.

Try sitting down in Fidel-town, Colin. Not only will the police beat you and haul you away,
your 6 year, $114 million-dollar salary is now Property of the State. In Cuba, that means Fidel and Raul.
But you can keep the t-shirt!
Kaepernick has bought into the Liberal Media's propaganda. CNN, for example, pounded the table until the "reporters" got people killed and neighborhoods razed. But they had their self-esteem to keep them warm at night in their safe neighborhoods. Safe--thanks to police.

We're not supposed to even mention Islam at the DITA (Daily Islamist Terrorist Attack), yet we're supposed to indict all cops and even the whole country for a bad cop shooting? It's horrible when it does happen, but statistically, it's an aberration. 

Blame the quarterback if you want. But all of them--Kaepernick, his girlfriend, the thugs, the rioters, the Poodle Press--are all following the "leadership" stench emanating from the White House--the Obama-Holder-Sharpton Axis of Mau-Mau, the Dead-End of "Blame Whitey!"-ism.

When the president goes to a service for five officers assassinated by a race-terrorist and praises a violent gun criminal, that's rock-bottom. But, then, Coach Barry and his coaching staff have 'til noon on January 20th to dig the pit deeper.  They, too, have been "helping" for years:

Nuthin' new under the sun--Marching with the New Black Panthers

This was before his law firm was helping Gitmo detainees for free
or shipping .50 caliber machine guns to el Chapo

Sharpton's deadly Crown Heights Pogrom--he should have been indicted.
Kaepernick may be sincere, but sincerely wrong. But at least the quarterback has the guts to stay seated during the Anthem; the Coach who took him there doesn't. Obama's horrible racial division policy is an example of Proverbs 29: "Where there is no vision, the people perish." Which is also why we cannot put a known criminal in the White House--it would degrade the country in ways you can't even imagine, just as putting an anti-American in office did. But that's another post.

Even the black police chief of Obama's hometown Chicago noted that most of the shooters there are repeat gun criminals who have no fear of the law. Why? Because liberal judges and lawmakers let them shoot another day. Yet the Official Narrative(tm) is about the horror of mass incarceration. The 2,300 bodies in the Chicago morgue so far this year argue otherwise.

And it's only Labor Day.

Somebody, a real black leader, had these clowns pegged a long time ago:

Like the man asked, "What the hell do you have to lose?"

Only more hell.

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