Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Typhoid Granny Battles Stairs to Attend "Rally"

If By "Rally", You Mean About the Same Number of People as the Terror Suspects Using Phony Names Who were Just Granted Citizenship Instead of Being Deported As Ordered

"Mr. Bond, they have a saying in Chicago: 'Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence.
The third time it's enemy action to place Soldiers of Allah into America.'
Take a tip from me, Mr. Bond: the first two times weren't just bureaucratic SNAFUs, either."
All eyes on Her Nemesis: the Killer Stairs--will she make it?

1944's News Today! Woodpile Report:

"Although in the final stage of a debilitating heart disease, he—and the ever-toadying press—presented himself as being in robust good health except for annoying but manageable little problems. He was reelected and died three months later. Duh.

""Bruenn’s notes said, “heart was enormous.” His diagnosis was “acute congestive heart failure,” specifically “left ventricular heart failure.” Lelyveld observes that this would have been explosive political news in 1944 and may explain why it was kept from the public for twenty-six years.
What Bruenn’s report told the few permitted to see it was quite different from the report Roosevelt gave his news conference shortly after the examination. His problem, the president said, was “a lingering bronchitis.” There were some slightly debilitating “residuals” of the flu, he said, and an “ensuing bronchitis” that exercise and sunshine could readily dispose of. The message seemed to be “Good as new in a day or two.”"
So it is with Hillary. Just a nagging cough. No, it's allergies. No, it's heat exhaustion. No, it was pneumonia all along, but now everything's okay.".......
Don't forget influenza. Also dehydration. And Cotard’s Delusion, aka “Walking Corpse Syndrome”. Fit as a fiddle, that one!

...or your lying eyes?
Somebody wave a bankroll under her nose, $tat!
 UPDATE: It's serious: Granny Moneypenny Cancels Fund-raiser!!!

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