Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Mark Steyn: One Side's Narrative Fits All

The First Rule of Debate Club Is That There Is No Debate

Eating Your Words: The Cannibalization of Free Speech
Speak up, people:

BILL O’REILLY: "You may remember that over the summer a French priest was murdered by Muslim terrorists in his own church. That sparked more outcry against the jihad in France and around the world. Political commentator Mark Steyn recently returned from Europe where he attended the priest’s funeral and spoke with a number of people affected by the jihad. Mr. Steyn joins us now from Colchester, Vermont. What did you learn there? What was the headline that you learned in Europe, Mr. Steyn?

MARK STEYN: Well, you said at the top of the show that migrants aren't the problem, jihadists are--and that's true. But there is a crude arithmetic here, Bill, which is that the more Muslims you have, the more terrorism you have. So that France, Belgium and Germany have very high Muslim populations and they have a lot of terrorism. When you’re in Poland and the Czech Republic, they have very few Muslims, so they don’t have terrorism, and the question for Europe, and I think for the United States a few years down the line, is whether you can contain this just by the big Security State.

O'REILLY: You can't do that.

STEYN: No, you can't. I was on the beach and there were soldiers everywhere in France now — outside schools, shopping centers, railway stations. I was on the beach at Saint Tropez where the topless women have armed soldiers with automatic weapons patrolling between the topless women. It’s a sad sight, and it’s an absurd sight. Ultimately, it’s no solution.

O’REILLY: Now I heard you on the radio the other day saying that no longer in America can we even debate terrorism or anything else because if you disagree with the Left, they immediately demonize you as Islamophobic or anti-gay or anti-poor or whatever. Do you really believe that? You believe the debate is all gone?

STEYN: Yes, I think that’s true. I think essentially we’re turning into one vast college campus where there is a correct view and alternative views are not permitted. I disagree with people; I like to disagree with people, so do you. Whatever your view on gay marriage or climate change or Islam, I like to discuss it. The Left increasingly says we don’t want to win the argument, we want to cancel the argument.

And just this weekend — if you look at this fake outrage about Donald Trump declaring the New York event of bombing before it had been "officially" ruled a bombing — that is an attempt to shrivel the public discourse and prevent a diversity of views on Islam and immigration and terrorism. And if you notice, that’s the classic Left response now: "Let’s not debate your point of view, let’s cancel your point of view."

O’REILLY: Yeah, I think you’re right. I think we’re living in a totalitarian social environment right now. Any solution to it?

STEYN: Right, yeah I think so, I think Trump in the last year has actually managed to expand the public conversation, and whether you agree with him or not on those issues, that’s what we need. When we have people like Senator Whitehouse, for example, trying to criminalize dissent on climate change the guy is actually unfit for office, unfit for office. And the people of Rhode Island should be ashamed of that.

O’REILLY: You don’t want to shut him down, Mr. Steyn, you want to debate him, so we don’t want to do what they do.

STEYN: Right. That’s right, absolutely."...............

For 15 years we've been lectured about the non-existent backlash.
How 'bout a lecture about the Lash for once?

The firecrackers were used to herd the women. Oh, wait--let me rephrase that Narrative for you:
"The nurturing fireworks were used inclusively to herd the empowered women." That's better.

Is that powder-burn or a St. Tropez tan?
A: Yes.

Is that how we want to live? No--not naked on the beach--I mean, do we want to live under machine-gun guard just to go swimming?

Let's talk about it.

The Zombie Press Aroused: the Leg-Humping Media
Without them.

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