Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Iranians For Freedom, Presidents Against

Nukes For Pukes

When Hussein Obama betrayed the American people with Pre-Emptive Unconditional Surrender in Iran, he also sold out the students, young people and vast swaths of Iranian civil society who do not slavishly support the repressive Mullah-cracy the way Obama and his minions do.

Imagine the predicament of a young Iranian--or Cuban, for that matter; just when sanctions have the regime on the ropes, along comes an American president--AN AMERICAN PRESIIDENT!--to rescue the dictatorship that is stepping on their necks.

"Obama saved us both from the ash-heap of history. What a *****!"
Obama's very name will be a curse word spit out around the world for generations yet to come, and deservedly so.

Iranians demonstrate outside the UN HQ in NY against visit of Iranian regime President Rouhani:

"Condemning the terrorist attacks in New York City and New Jersey, thousands of Iranian-Americans will hold a rally outside the United Nations Headquarters in New York on the opening day of the UN General Assembly Tuesday...
According to the Organization of Iranian American Communities (OIAC), the demonstrators will protest the visit to the UN by the Iranian regime's President,
Hassan Rouhani , call for a halt in Tehran's extensive funding and sponsoring of terrorism in the region, demand a halt in the executions in Iran, and urge the prosecution of the regime's leaders."...................

In other words, the protestors will do the job American presidents used to do before that office was taken over by regime-coddling toadies and boot-lickers raised on Communist propaganda and anti-American swill from their corrupted youth.

Paris, too!

The Executive Who Forgot to Sign Obama's "Executive Agreement"

"Thanks for all the IEDs..."
"Don't mention it."
"...and for Khobar Towers..."
"I said, don't mention it."
"...and for the Marine Barracks Bombing..."
"Any time. And I mean 'at any time'."
"...and thanks for receiving my Ransom Payment so promptly."
"Stop talking. I must shop now."
With your money.

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