Thursday, September 15, 2016

"It isn't about Trump."

Maha Rushie:

"Don't let all this change your attitude.  You Trump people need to continue to act as though you're a startup -- ah, psychologically, mentally, attitudinally. You're a startup. You're still... It's you against the world... The thing nobody gets... This is why the Never Trumpers are tripping up, and this is why so many people who are spitting mad don't get it.  It isn't about Trump. You don't want to get cocky, you don't want to get thinking this is over, 'cause you really don't know what to trust and who to trust in the media. So trust yourselves; trust your instincts.

I think in this poll, Trump's up six or seven. What is it?  Trump's up six or seven in this poll, and the LA Times has a story stunned by the "diversity" of volunteers at Trump headquarters.  The LA Times paid a visit to Trump's southern California headquarters -- down in Long Beach is where the headquarter office is -- and they have a story in the Times how shocked the reporter was by the diversity of the volunteers who were working in his office.

Steve Lopez wrote the piece for the Times, and said, "It was as if the whole thing had been staged, in Cambodia Town, no less, to belie the notion that Trump’s appeal is largely limited to older white males." See, this is what they attempt to put out there, that Trump's support is nothing but a bunch of bedraggled, angry, worn-out, relic white guys who are racist and sexist, and they don't like any kind of change, and they hate modernity and any of this.

And this guy went out and he found that the people working in this office are Hispanic, they are female, they're male, they're African-American, Jewish, Filipino, Mexican-American. He literally was shocked.  The New York Times did the same thing back in March, and they had the same result.  They were shocked and stunned.  We told you about that.

Back on March the 17th, the New York Times ran a story. They went to a Trump headquarters in Tampa, I believe, and they were stunned. They were shocked at what they saw.  The New York Times sent a reporter to Trump's campaign office in Tampa expecting to find a bunch of Mussolini devotees and Klan members working in there.  They really did! That's what they wanted to repot. They were shocked and they were stunned.  They found very few white people. In fact, it was mostly Hispanic, were some African-Americans and many other minorities, and they were happening, and they were supporting Trump.  The New York Times was bamboozled and flabbergasted.  They couldn't believe it, and they speculated that somebody in the Trump office knew they were coming and they went out and hired a bunch of people to act like Trump supporters, and this is similar to what the LA Times...

I mean, not accusing; they're raising the possibility, which this kind of projection. I believe if you conceive of something like that, it must be it's something that you would do yourself.  It's the Democrats that parade people in front of us like this!  It's the Democrats that make all of these kinds of for-show illustrations.  Nobody knew at the Trump campaign these people were gonna show up.
"In Long Beach, one of America's most diverse cities, that same diversity was reflected in Trump's supporters.  Lopez," that's the writer for the Times, "spoke with a woman and millennials of Filipino descent, a Mexican-American, and a Jewish man, and saw the 'names of volunteers from the African-American, Hispanic and Asian communities' written on blackboards adorning the names of volunteers. He noted that 'two middle-aged white people [also] joined the party.'"

The white people were the minority of all the volunteers working at the Trump office in Long Beach.  I tell you, this whole Trump campaign is sneaking up on the people that do not understand it.".......


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