Saturday, October 15, 2016

Buy a Carrier or Buy A Clinton? They're Both For $ale, But Clintons Are Cheaper

You Bet Uranium!

Wretchard nails it: "

"The Saudis and Russians made a big discovery after the fall of the Soviet Union: that you couldn't beat the United States the country, but you could corrupt American politicians for what amounted, in their world, to chump change. You could spent a billion dollars on some useless piece of Soviet military junk, or you could spend on a junket. The junket was more effective.
Once they had blazed the trail, the Chinese followed. This system of international "cooperation" was called the "Rule Based International Order". The Saudis and Russians killed the nuclear power future to prop up oil prices. This was called "Environmentalism". Then the Wahabi lobby decided to invade the West. This was called "Multiculturalism".
It rattled along swimmingly until the wheels fell off the wagon and the curtain went up with everyone's britches down. This was called "2016"."

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