Saturday, October 15, 2016

USS Mason Targeted Yet Again. Ayatollah Orders Obama to Obey Yet Again

The Season for Treason

"Lettuce never surrender to fear, but lettuce never fear to surrender!"--Pres. Arugula Hussein Carrotbottom

USNI: “The latest is there has been recent activity today with the Mason once again. It appears to have come under attack in the Red Sea again from coastal defense cruise missiles fired from the coast of Yemen,” he said.
“So as you know this is the third such attack. We suffered one about a week ago. We also saw one in the middle of last week and now we see more activity.”

The latest attack on Mason follows a Wednesday retaliatory strike in response to earlier attacks on the ship. Guided-missile destroyer USS Nitze (DDG-94) fired several Tomahawk Land Attack Missiles into Yemen to target three Houthi radar sites the U.S. said were used to provide information target the anti-ship missiles used in the previous attacks, Pentagon officials told USNI News earlier this week.
In a statement on the Wednesday U.S. strikes, spokesman Peter Cook threatened the U.S. would respond to additional attacks, “as appropriate.”"..................

The Ayatollah is making it hard for his disciple, what with an election and all. Obama/Clinton, Inc. looks more weak, gutless and spineless than ever, and his cash-glutted Iranian owners don't seem to even care if he never sends them another billion. That's cos' they know he will anyway.
Doormatic: The Reflexive Kow-Tow
These are days of maximum peril for America; Obama, the Media, our Enemies and the Mullahs are all seeking to inflict the most damage possible while President Doormat still holds office.


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