Saturday, October 15, 2016


Or...We Could Choose Freedom

"What is the difference between Sanctuary Cities that say, "We're not going to enforce federal immigration laws in New York City," and John C. Calhoun saying, "We're not going to enforce the tariff in South Carolina."  What is the difference between Sanctuary Cities and nullification?"--Dick Morris, author, "Armageddon: How Trump Can Beat Hillary"

Dick Morris at his Frontpage 'Tipping Point' lecture: "[T]hree things will happen if Hillary wins, which will be irreversible, in this country.

The first is that 12 million to 15 million currently illegal immigrants will get the right to vote, and the Supreme Court will ratify that, and we [Republicans] will never win another election for 20 years. That's one.

Secondly, about 500,000 to a million immigrants, refugees and immigrants from terror-sponsoring countries, like Iraq and Syria, will come into the United States, creating here a domestic body of potential terrorists equivalent to that which has basically destroyed France and Belgium and is coming very close to destroying Germany, Scandinavia and Britain.

And the third thing that'll happen is more consequential than the first two. The tipping point that separates America from Greece and our [other major] cities from Detroit will have been passed.

[Now], slightly more people are working than collecting ["entitlements"]. And if you look at that rate of those lines crossing, they're going to cross soon after Hillary takes office, and then they're going to separate wildly."........

On the Clintons' Bribery Empire: "Well, when I worked with the Clintons, they were not fundamentally corrupt.  They did some stuff.  Her work in the futures market was terrible.  It was an outright bribe to exempt Arkansas chicken poultry producers from environmental standards that the EPA was imposing, and, in return for the exemption, Jim Blair, the lobbyist for the industry, paid Hillary a $100,000 bribe by managing her futures trading.  And he managed for 15 people at once and took all the wins and put them in Hillary's account, which is how, in nine months, she made $100,000 profit.  And when she reached a hundred, which was the agreed amount of the bribe, she dropped out of the market.  There was that.  There was Whitewater, where they cut some corners and stuff.

But, fundamentally, back then, the Clintons wanted money in order to get power.  "Give me campaign contributions, so I can buy TV ads, so I can get elected to office."

Now, it's reversed.  They want public office and power in order to make more money. The bribes go up.  They go up when you're running for president.  They go up when you're secretary of state.  They go up when you're running again for president, and they really hit the jackpot when if you become president.

And Hillary will not agree to close that damn foundation down once if she becomes president.  It's a bag.  Bill Clinton has become a bagman.  He goes around the world collecting money, and Hillary does favors for the people who contributed the money.".......

On the Trans-National Blob: "We love dolphins, Flipper and everybody, and dolphins were becoming extinct, because tuna fishermen had nets they cast over square miles of ocean and then harvested  everything that's there.  And the tuna couldn't escape, which is fine.  But the dolphins couldn't either, and the dolphin kill was threatening the existence of the species.

So the environmentalists got together and came up with a new net that the dolphin could escape from, but the tuna couldn't.  Then the question was how do you persuade the world's fishing fleets to reequip and pay the extra cost?  So somebody had a brilliant idea.  They went to the American tuna companies and said, "If you buy from companies, fishing fleets that have these new nets, you can put 'Dolphin Safe' on your can of tuna."  If you go home tonight and you look at all your tuna cans, you'll see "Dolphin Safe" on every one of them.  And that has driven the old nets out of business.  Everything is the new net, and the dolphin population is doing just fine.  No governmental action.  All privately done.

Then Mexico sued the United States before the World Trade Organization saying this was an unfair trade practice, because it was benefiting countries that used the nets and opposing countries that did not.  And the WTO, which is the final world on this stuff -- there's no appeal from it -- ruled in favor of Mexico.  And six months from now, none of your tuna cans are going to have "Dolphin Safe" on it, because the World Trade Organization has ruled it, and that supersedes the Congress and the state legislatures, and it's a fiat.  It can't even be done voluntarily.  You go to jail for it.  It's illegal.  World Trade Organization overcame that.  And it's for that kind of global governance that TPP is really being pushed.".......

I never consented to be ruled by a Global Government. Did you?

Our Crony-Class Crooks like Hillary have sold our sovereignty for cash, and she'd damned well better give the money back, because I'll never be ruled by her owners, for whom we're not even allowed to vote.


Give the money back, bitch.
And Stop the Globalist War on Flipper!

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