Friday, October 21, 2016

It's Getting Better All the Time

And Better

Bill Whittle: "This was no turnip tonight. This looked and sounded, to me, like the President of the United States. I only needed to see it once. Only once. I needed to see him restrain himself. I needed to see him not take obvious bait. I needed to see him speak with authority and confidence about specifics on domestic and foreign policy issues. I had not seen any of this before.

What I had seen from him before – and this is his entire appeal, I think – was a candidate willing to fight back and not simply stand there like Gentleman Jim and let these immoral, duplicitous bastards make mincemeat out of us unopposed. He whipped the living hell out of that woman tonight, and every time that fake Hillary smile appeared it looked more and more desperate. In fact, immediately after the debate she looked like she was about to cry.

So. I have gone from a Donald Trump supporter to an enthusiastic Donald Trump supporter. Anyone who calls the Clinton Foundation a criminal enterprise to that criminal’s face; anyone who points out, repeatedly, just how stupidly the United States has behaved under Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama; and anyone who has the guts and the timing to say “What a nasty woman” to that thoroughly nasty woman is the kind of person I have been waiting to see." ........

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