Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Mike Pence and Ronald Reagan: "I was just the captain they put on the bridge..."

[From July 16. 2016]

"We don't celebrate "Dependence Day" on the Fourth of July. We celebrate Independence Day. [Audience: "U.S.A.! U.S.A.! U.S.A!"]--Ronald Reagan, 1984 Republican Convention

Donald Trump just passed his first big test.

Larry Kudlow:

"Donald Trump hit two home runs this week. The first, immediately following the horrific terrorist truck attack in Nice, was his statement in a media interview that if elected he would ask Congress for a declaration of war to combat global terrorism. The second was the inspired selection of Indiana governor Mike Pence to join the GOP ticket."

Mike Pence: "I met President Reagan in the summer of 1988. I was a 29 year-old candidate for Congress and he was winding down a presidency that changed the world. It was a Candidate photo op in the Blue Room of the White House. I was determined to say something of meaning to the great man.

So I looked him square in the eye, and I told him I just wanted to thank him for everything he had done for the country and everything he had done to 'inspire my generation to believe in America again.'

He seemed surprised, his cheeks appeared to redden with embarrassment and he said, "Well, Mike, that's a very nice thing of you to say."

Moments later in the Ballroom he took a minute to respond to my and others' accolades with characteristic humility and optimism saying, "Many of you have thanked me for what I did for America, but I want you to know I don't think I did anything for this country--the American people decided it was time to right the ship, and I was just the captain they put on the bridge when they did it."

A young Mike Pence with President Reagan, 1988.

We're in good God's hands. Pence with Bibi.

Donald with the Ronald:

The Ticket:

"We celebrate the right of each individual to be recognized as unique, possessed of dignity and the sacred right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. At the same time, with our independence goes a generosity of spirit more evident here than in almost any other part of the world. Recognizing the equality of all men and women, we're willing and able to lift the weak, cradle those who hurt, and nurture the bonds that tie us together as one nation under God.

Finally, we're here to shield our liberties, not just for now or for a few years but forever. ...

We came together in a national crusade to make America great again, and to make a new beginning. Well, now it's all coming together. With our beloved nation at peace, we're in the midst of a springtime of hope for America. Greatness lies ahead of us."--President Reagan, August 23, 1984 ...............

He was hers, she was his, and their TRULUV was America.

I'm in, Captain. All in.

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