Wednesday, October 5, 2016

SHOCKAH!: East German Prison Matron Prefers Another East German Prison Matron: Yasser Arafat Hardest Hit

Hillary Loves Angela

SO NOT A SURPRISE! Hillary Clinton confirms that her favorite world leader is German Chancellor Angela Merkel

Because of "her bravery in the face of the refugee crisis." That Hillary helped create.

Funny--I thought the brave ones were the women rape victims who first had to fight their attackers, and then had to stand up to the press, police and politicians who tried to silence them. Politicians like Merkel.

Hillary looks to her role model for a template to emulate: "I look to her to see how she’s managed it."

She managed it like this:

"The German state broadcaster showed a New Year speech by Merkel
rather than report the attack." But at least the speech had Arabic subtitles!

"It's like the Crusades-in-Reverse! I think Angela has done a fine job!"

"Me, too! Me, too!"

"So do we! See you at the prison, Angie!" 

Seriously--have you ever seen someone so happy to be seen with a terrorist as Her Satanic Nastiness?

Judging from the the absolute thrill on her face, you'd have to say Yasser Arafat is Hillary's favorite world leader of all time. And he killed the State Department's Ambassador Cleo Noel just like Ambassador Stevens was killed in Benghazi with the weapons that Hillary was running to the "rebels".

I wonder who their favorite world leaders are?

Amb. Cleo Noel
Cause of Death: A phone call by Arafat
to the Saudi Embassy

Hillary's Real Legacy--besides flying around collecting cash.
Norman Doidge, (2003): "The robbers are protecting us from the police." After the tellers were released, they expressed no hatred for their captors, and even said they were emotionally indebted to them. Throughout the seventies, the Stockholm Syndrome was demonstrated over and over. Americans captured by terrorists in Lebanon emerged from captivity praising the same Arab terrorists who had murdered their fellows. Patty Hearst, kidnapped in California by the Symbionese Liberation Army, did the same.
The Stockholm Syndrome is not a conscious attempt to ingratiate oneself with one's captors, but an automatic emotional response, seen in many, though not all, captives. With the help of TV, terrorism creates what one might call a "Second-hand Stockholm Syndrome" in the body politic. The goal is to make the target population fall back on wishful thinking, and say, "Maybe if we listen to their demands, they will stop. Maybe the problem is how we are handling the crisis. Maybe we are being too forceful. Maybe they can be reasoned with. Maybe we should hold our fire and give peace a chance." The citizenry becomes progressively more passive and confused and willing to appease. This confusion is manifest whenever pundits who are apologists for terror speak of terrorist violence as caused not by the perpetrators, but by some abstract "cycle of violence," suggesting a moral equivalence between the terrorist and his victims and blotting out the reality of barbarism and human psychopathy. How much nicer to live in a world of abstractions than of [Shakespeare's King] Richards, Arafats, Saddams, and bin Ladens."......

BTW: Not a Smidgen of Corruption: DoJ Abruptly Drops Case Against Arms Dealer After He Threatens to Spill Beans on Obama's and Hillary's Secret Arming of Rebels in Libya

“We're entitled to tell the ladies and gentlemen of the jury, the Secretary of State and her highest staff members were actively contemplating providing exactly the type of military assistance that Mr. Turi is here to answer for.”........

There's a good chance Chris Stevens was killed with those very weapons Hillary provided, just like Putin reads her emails with the hi-tech equipment she sold him, while making nukes with our uranium she sold him for ClintonCa$h. 

BTWBTWHas the Russian Mole Inside NSA Finally Been Arrested?  I don't know--but he's facing ten years for Not Being A Clinton.

His lawyers are using the Clinton Defense--"I didn't mean any harm!" Hopefully, we'll get to the bottom of it when the FBI gives him immunity and destroys his laptops.

Yes, Hillary Clinton knows world leaders--and has absorbed all the worst lessons from them.

In part because of  Hillary's weak foreign policy, Merkel had millions of "refugees" show up on her doorstep.

But Hillary would voluntarily and actively bring millions of "refugees" here, like this Islamo-prison matron taking recon photos of a Jewish school in Brooklyn.  As if the weekly mall shooting/stabbing/bombings aren't frequent enough for her, Hillary would have us import all the pathologies that caused some of the refugees to flee in the first place.

It's sorta' like the California Wrath of Grapes Exodus-in-Reverse Syndrome: affluent California liberals are fleeing the state to go live with Okies in Flyover Country--and voting for the same lunatics and lunacy that made them flee California with nothing but their Abercombie's and their illusions on their backs.

Except with machetes and IEDs.

hat-tip: Doug Ross

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