Monday, October 24, 2016

OUTRAGE: Obama Treats Iranian Guard Better Than California Guard!

Obama's War on the Military--the American Military, anyway

CS Monitor: "Faced with the challenge of maintaining its all-volunteer military as wars dragged on in Iraq and Afghanistan in the mid-2000s, the Pentagon began offering its most generous incentives ever, issuing up-front bonuses to those who agreed to reenlist. The problem is that some of the recipients were ineligible.
The policy resulted in overpayments in every state, but nowhere were recruiters more generous than the California National Guard. 
Now nearly 10,000 current and retired soldiers in The Golden State have been ordered to repay all or some of the bonuses they received to incentivize their return to war. ....
After being told he qualified for a $15,000 bonus as a special forces soldier, Mr. Richmond, an Army sergeant first class, reenlisted and deployed to Iraq, where he sustained injuries to his back and brain when a roadside bomb detonated.
Then, in 2014, he was shocked to receive a letter ordering him to repay the bonus or face "debt collection action." Richmond had served in the Army too long to be eligible, officials argued. He has appealed.
"I signed a contract that I literally risked my life to fulfill," Richmond said.".......

He served "too long"? That's even more reason to give him a bonus.

FoxNews: “At the end of the day, the soldiers ended up paying the largest price,” Maj. Gen. Matthew Beevers, deputy commander of the California Guard, said. “We’d be more than happy to absolve these people of their debts. We just can’t do it. We’d be breaking the law.”  

"Breaking the law"? What law? The stinking career criminals who run this corrupt government say they're Above the Law. You mean the Little People laws?

In fact, they give themselves lavish bonuses for their abject failures.

The worse they fail, the bigger their bonuses, whether it's the Clintons or at the VA, or the IRS. Shouldn't those bonuses be repaid first?

After all, the president needs to send more pallets of cash to his Iranian masters. How 'bout we send a letter demanding the Mullahs repay their signing bonuses?

Sorry, Sgt. Richmond; Sanctions Relief is for Gen. Solaimani and his Iranian Guardsmen, not for you and your buddies.

"Pay back my signing bonus? Sure; will they take an I.E.D.?"
If you're an Iranian Guardsman, you get billions and billions and billions of dollars from this administration, no questions asked.

If your a California Guardsman, you get accusations, threatening letters, garnishments, loss of benefits and collection agencies.

Guardsmen who do not have to repay their bonuses--in fact, more money is on the way!
Nothing is too good for these heroes.
Indeed, it was the Iranian Guard who built the IEDs that killed hundreds of Americans and wounded many more. Obama is giving the bonuses of those dead and wounded soldiers to their killers and attackers.

Whether its giving away our soldiers' hard-won victories, honoring deserters, freeing terrorists to attack our troops again, letting our sailors be kidnapped and obsequiously apologizing, letting our military aircraft crash for lack of funds while fully funding the Iranian military, this is all part of Obama's War on the Military.

Watching his favorite show, "The Apprentice President" on the America Last Network
Every thing he does is designed to demoralize our soldiers and even punish them for their service, in the hopes that young people in the future will be discouraged from defending this horrible, horrible country ever again.

"Your Most Excellent Wonderful Supreme Highness Excellency,
 I have sent teams of federal grave-robbers over to Arlington as you have commanded
--there must be some gold teeth we've missed!"
Under Obama, it's much better to be an Iranian Guardsman than a California Guardsman.

The Ayatollah Has Spoken.

Robert D'Andrea, a retired Army major and Iraq war veteran, holds a frame with a photo of his team on his first deployment to Iraq on Friday in his home in Los Angeles. Nearly 10,000 California National Guard soldiers have been ordered to repay huge enlistment bonuses a decade after signing up to serve in Iraq and Afghanistan. D'Andrea said he was told to repay his $20,000 because auditors could not find a copy of the contract he says he signed./Al Seib


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