Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Special Prosecutors,"Two Missing Boxes of E-mails" and Nevluk: #TheFixIsStillIn

Funny Phrase

...because e-mails don't come in boxes. It's like saying "crates of clouds" or "aquariums of ideas". E-mails don't come in boxes...unless you print them out to scrub them of criminal evidence and classification markings, destroy the originals with BleachBit and hide the rest until the statute of limitations runs out like Rose Law Firm records.

"Boxes of e-mails" is how you say "obstruction of justice" in Clintonese. One of many ways--the Clintons have more phrases for obstruction of justice than Eskimos have for snow.

"Qanuk, qanugglir, kanevvluk, natquik, nevluk, nevlugte, aniu, qanikcaq, muruaneq, utvac, navcaq, pirtuk..."
Democrats' panties are in more knots than the usual over Trump's promise to appoint a Special Prosecutor. "HITLER!" "STALIN!" "CASTRO!, nevermind." 

Glad to know they're suddenly so principled.

*Billy Dale is glad to know that Hillary is now against gratuitous political prosecutions to railroad the innocent.
His acquittal took three minutes.

*Scooter Libby is glad that anyone who names a spy in her unsecured emails gets a Special Prosecutor.
Valerie Plame suffered more Georgetown dinner invitations. Our spy, Nuclear Scientist Shahram Amiri was hanged. No wonder the Intell Community despises Hillary Clinton--she's killing them.

*Arms dealer Marc Turi is glad that Hillary tried to throw him in jail for her crimes.
Arming al queda and ISIS--what could possibly go wrong?  Ask Chris Stevens.

*Video-maker Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, who she did get jailed for her crimes, is just glad she didn't have him Arkancided, too.
We can't just have people going around saying unapproved things!

*Richard Nixon is glad Hillary has a Right to Counsel like she tried to deny him by hiding documents.
By now, every schoolboy would know how she single-handedly brought down Richard Nixon if only she hadn't been fired from the Watergate Investigation for being just as corrupt. Down the Memory Hole, courtesy of the Leg-Humping Media!

*Sheriff Joe is glad the DOJ takes obstruction of justice seriously because "no one is above the law".
His real crime: Enforcing Immigration law and supporting Trump.

*Robert Menendez is glad that anyone taking influence money from donors is prosecuted vigorously!
His Real Crime: Opposing Treason

*Martha Stewart is glad that making false statements to the FBI about sketchy financial deals is a jailable offense.
Her Real Crime: Overcooking the soufflé.

*And the FBI is glad that Immunity Payoffs to little fish-witnesses and the Destruction of Evidence on behalf of VIP defendants are no longer crimes, but agency policy.

If your name is Clinton.

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