Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Happy War On Cops Day, Everybody!

Thanks Obama

Yesterday was two years since Officer Darren Wilson stood up to the thug Michael Brown, who tried to take his service revolver  in an act of attempted murder on a police officer. Thus began in earnest the Obama-Holder-Sharpton War On Cops.

Baton Rouge Police Officers Matthew Gerald, 41, Montrell Jackson, 32, East Baton Rouge Sheriff's Deputy Brad Garafola, 45

For defending himself and his community, Ofc. Wilson has basically had to go into hiding.

To celebrate, the Lynch Justice Dept. unveiled a report blasting the Baltimore Police Department.

This is the Ferguson model; if the innocent cops can't be railroaded, frame the whole department. The Bureau of Phony Statistics will invent all the necessary numbers to justify the threat of a federal takeover, because Washington D.C. is so efficient, honest, incorruptible and well-run that they have time to run every other jurisdiction in the country.
Hands Up, Don't Wipe

And special thanks to CNN, who beat the drum until they got Ferguson burned down. They should send a card to Zemir Begic's family. What--you don't remember his name, CNN? He's the Bosnian immigrant beaten to death with two hammers for being white. Inciting riots sure is messy, huh?

Look at his face, CNN:
"We came to America thinking it was going to be a better life. Our family and friends were being killed over there."

To add insult to claw-hammer injuries, the authorities insisted it wasn't a hate crime. A lie on a lie on a lie. Perfect.

A serious shout-out to the career professionals at Justice who conducted the forensic investigation into the evidence that cleared Officer Wilson. You are one of the few bright lights in the socialist sewer called this administration.

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