Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Like Quiet on Rice: CNN--The Most Trusted Name in News Prevention

Our Motto: "SHHHHHH!"

Coumo, Sciutto & Lemon: Planet of the Mapes
CNN refutes the Rice Campaign Oppo Research-Surveillance story--you know, the story that they will not report on. Neat trick.

But to be fair, when Ted Kennedy was collaborating with the Kremlin, they were silent then, too.

But on the bright side, when they're busy endlessly flogging their Russian Obsession, they're not inciting violence against cops. Yay!


"Leahy said he wanted a "truth and reconciliation commission" to conduct a "comprehensive" investigation into what he called illegal warrantless wiretapping...as well as politically-motivated hirings and firings.

He said he was open to whether such a commission would be congressionally appointed or would include Administration-appointed members similar to the 9/11 Commission. He did say any such commission should have power to subpoena witnesses and be able to grant immunity from prosecution except for perjury.".......

Oh, wait--that was in 2009. Leahy wanted to investigate former President George W. Bush for wiretapping. Nevermind.

Hey; remember when Sen. Leahy was aiding and abetting Soviet clients in Nicaragua?

Neither does CNN!

MORE BREAKING NEWS: #PresidentTrumpIsRightAgain!

Tucker Carlson: "Just a month ago, the Media told us it was absurd to say Obama spied on Trump. Now they say it would be absurd not to spy on Trump. Susan Rice's decision to unmask her political enemies, far from being a crime, they're now they're telling us, was routine and necessary."

FISA Eavesdropping-UPDATE: Charlie Martin:

"Before FISA, there really were no limits on what could be intercepted by intelligence agencies. This was abused over and over again, usually by the FBI, which used national security as a reason to intercept phone conversations of pretty much anyone who was thought to present some kind of a threat.
Even at the time FISA passed, though, civil libertarians were warning that there was little real protection against the Government using the information they collect maliciously. The problem goes back to the basics: you need to make sure that the people with access to the collected data were thoroughly checked and could be trusted.
In the United States, though, there's a significant loophole, called "an election."
Necessarily, when we elect a president, the president has complete access to any data -- the president is the authority who decides what data is to be protected, and with what rigor. The president's political appointees, just as necessarily, must have the same access. Our only real protection from illicit disclosure by these insiders is the degree to which they can be trusted. An unscrupulous political appointee on the president's national security staff can obtain anything and leak anything.
In the Obama administration, scruples about information security were notably lacking. We saw it with the Clinton emails, where information security procedures were openly flouted, and where, frankly, multiple felonious violations of the espionage went unpunished.
And we're seeing it now: Susan Rice, and probably a number of others, violated the provisions of FISA, and certainly, with no reasonable doubt violated the privacy of at least one U.S. Person.".......
Hillary breaks the Espionage Laws and lies to the nation about Benghazi: Gets to be SecState and Democrat Nominee
Susan Rice breaks Espionage Laws and lies to the nation about Benghazi: Denied the SecState job and gets to be Democrat Scapegoatee.
Wow--now I understand White Privilege.

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