Friday, April 28, 2017

Sushimi Sue Made Sushi by the Sea Shore

Until It Was Discovered She Was Italian in Their Eyes
The Franco-Prussian War on Obesity

Just One Minute:

I CAN QUIT ANYTIME: Chris Bray from LA reminds us that the struggle is real:
Bonnie Tsui has spoken to an issue of deep importance, and I feel that we must put a stop to the cultural genocide that we so casually call "lunch." Recently, I was served a "hamburger" at a restaurant with counter service, and I inquired of the staff to determine which person in the kitchen was deeply immersed in the native culture of Hamburg. Upon learning that no one in the kitchen even reflected the presence of any German culture at all, I simply wept at the cultural assault I had witnessed. And then they had the audacity to ask if I still wanted the so-called "French" fries, which, I assure you, were in no true sense Gallic. We must not surrender in this fight. Nothing has ever been more important.

Speaking of assault, it's insensitive to wear an Indian headdress with war paint or Geisha-paint your face for Halloween...yet it's heroic and "woke" to put on a black mask to go beat on people for disagreeing with you?

Want some fries with that cognitive dissonance? 
Q: What's another name for "Cultural Appropriation"?
A: Culture.

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