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Free France: Update

Don't Trifle With Truffles
The Diplomad:

"[Y]oung Macron, born in 1977, has a record as a former Socialist Minister for the Economy (2014-2016) and, presumably, will have to explain/defend France's lackluster economic performance during his tenure. Le Pen, labelled by almost all the press as "far right," despite a lack of evidence for that label, has run a very populist campaign with many of the same themes that we saw Trump use in his successful drive to the White House. The MSM, of course, are calling for unity against Le Pen, and the pollsters predict Macron will beat her handily next month. That happened to her father in 2002, when the establishment factions joined forces to defeat him, but we'll see if the past is prologue.

Whether this new Le Pen wins or not, however, we, in my view, have seen a seismic event in French politics. The established political parties of the Fifth Republic got sidelined. Le Pen's performance, in particular, has sent a mighty shiver down the collective spine of the globalist elite who run the EU, the World Bank, the IMF, the UN, etc, -- perhaps even more so than the "surprising" Trump victory in the US. I also would note that Marine Le Pen's possession, presumably, of a vagina gets her no support from the Progs. "Far right" vaginas don't count.

Why do I say this has the potential to prove even more of an earthquake than Trump's win?

France arguably is the mother of modern progressivism; it is the French who gave us the concept of "right" and "left"; it is the French Revolution, not its elder American sister, that has served as the model for revolution for the past two hundred years all over the world. ...

In rides Le Pen. For all her flaws as a campaigner, she has thrown a massive stink bomb, perhaps even bigger than her father's, into the progressive world. She has shown, again, that underneath the PC culture, underneath the censorship, and the atmosphere of ridicule for those who believe in something other than the state, there is a living breathing body of citizens and voters who will not be silenced, who want to see an end to the destruction of their country and culture. Progressivism is skating on thin ice. That is the message, and while the progs might well manage to patch over the holes in the ice this time, what about the next time? And the next?

Let's see what happens.".......

Well, one thing has happened:

Charismatic First Round Candidate, Nicolas Dupont Aignan, Throws His Support – And Almost Two Million Votes – Behind Le Pen

"The founder of the eurosceptic and sovereigntist party, ‘Arise France’, who won 4.7% of last week’s first round vote in the French presidential election, last night endorsed Marine Le Pen and announced an alliance to save the country from ‘’financial and media interests’’ seeking to install their preferred candidate, Emmanuel Macron, to the Elysée Palace.
Globalist Emmanuel Macron would be ‘’ten times worse’’ than François Hollande, Dupont-Aignan told French television, referring to the unpopular outgoing president, and was a candidate fabricated by media and financial elites working against the interests of the French nation.
Dupont-Aignan, respected on the French right, appealed to his own supporters, and to the voters of the right ‘’betrayed by their leaders’’ to join him in supporting Marine Le Pen’s presidential bid. The betrayal in question; a reference to establishment conservative, François Fillon, who called on his millions of voters to keep Le Pen from office by supporting former Socialist Party finance minister – and now presidential candidate – Emmanuel Macron. The endorsement came only minutes after Fillon was knocked out of the first round of voting last Sunday in a move which immediately drew rebellion from the grassroots, many of whom refuse to vote for a socialist or leftist candidate after five years of Hollande.
Dupont-Aignan and Le Pen appeared side by side this morning at a joint press conference where Le Pen announced that her new ally would be named prime minister in her administration, ‘’a government of national unity’’ which would re-unite ‘’personalities chosen for their competence and their love of France.’’
The move could be significant in the race to decide the country’s next president; Dupont-Aignan, a self-described Gaullist, carries a gravitas and statesmanship which will attract many voters, appealing particularly to those on the right who would have supported François Fillion had he not been knocked out of the first round of voting.
Fillon won 20% of the electorate, translating to over seven million votes, a significant proportion of which Le Pen must win in order to carry the election.
In other good news for Le Pen, left wing populist, Jean-Luc Mélanchon, refused to endorse Macron for the presidency in an announcement to supporters yesterday. The firebrand politician, who narrowly failed to qualify for the second round, obtained 19.5%, or more than seven million votes.
Despite coming from the opposite end of the political spectrum, Mélanchon and Le Pen voters share a certain commonality, particularly in the rejection of globalization and free trade agreements damaging to workers and a shared hostility towards the EU, now widely seen as serving financial and corporate interests over the common man.".......
...and Now.

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