Sunday, April 9, 2017

Sharin' the Sarin: Barack Obama's Collusion Course With History

Syria Was the First Straw, Not the Last
Don't get steamed, but he's on their team.
Mark Steyn: "That's a real Russian Reset. The disgusting aspect of the last eight years was that Obama mistook the sidelines for the moral high ground. So he would use all this lofty rhetoric about red lines, and there would be people killing each other, slaughtering each other, dead babies, and he'd stand there with his hand on his hip giving a speech. He stripped words of their meaning."

Literally. I remember Obama defining his Syrian Red Line (and later walking it back by saying it was the world's, not his), but I had forgotten that he also announced an airstrike on Syria--in advance! With many caveats! And then he cancelled it!

Maybe I didn't forget. I probably blotted it out because it was just too horrible to remember.

Steyn: "Trump isn't as articulate, he isn't as polished, but his words have meaning."

Rush: "If Obama had spent more time surveilling and monitoring Assad than he was spending time surveilling and monitoring Trump, then maybe the Obama Regime would have known that Assad still had weapons of mass destruction and was using them. Do you realize Assad’s been doing this for seven years, folks? The gassing of Syrian citizens with chemical weapons and other WMD has been going on for seven years! And Obama’s out there surveilling Trump and whoever else during the Republican primary campaign and then the Trump transition.

And there’s another thing: If Obama had not trusted and colluded with the Russians — and that’s who did, by the way. It was Obama who was colluding with Putin and the Russians. He might have realized the Russians had lied to him about getting rid of all the Syrian WMD. Because the story was that Assad had gotten rid of them. Some even thought he had given them to the Russians. But the Russians assured Obama, “Yes, Assad got rid of them!”".......

It's worse than that, Rush. Obama needed Russia's help to pull off the Iran Sell-Out. So Obama colluded with the Russians on Syria's WMDs to save his even bigger nuclear collusion with Iran. 

And both Obama and Putin conspired with Iran to lie to the American people, in order to sell  Obama's Pre-Emptive Unconditional Surrender to Iran.

CR: "Perhaps most alarming about this strategic failure is that Obama and the U.N. employed almost an identical strategy when it came to the Iran nuclear deal. As part of the nuclear deal, Russia (a close ally to Iran) was tasked with shipping low grade nuclear material to Iran in exchange for the regime sending tons of reactor coolant back to Moscow. The United Nations, which botched its oversight of the Syrian chemical weapons transfer, is currently in charge of inspections of Iran’s nuclear facilities. In the end, the same actors who said with absolute certainty that Assad no longer had chemical weapons are now telling the international community that Iran is not developing a nuclear bomb. The IAEA, the U.N.’s nuclear inspection agency, has “verified compliance,” we’re told. The same barriers put in place to keep Iran in check were knocked over when it came to stopping Assad from slaughtering his own people. The Iran deal provided a windfall for Tehran that empowered the regime with countless billions in unfrozen assets. Iran continues its rise throughout the region as the world’s foremost state sponsor of terrorism. Currently, there are zero American inspectors on the compliance team.".......

It's not feckless. It's not reckless.
It's not weakness. It's not meekness.

He wasn't duped. He wasn't schtupped.
He wasn't fooled. He wasn't schooled.

He wasn't made. He wasn't played.
It's no bad break. It's no mistake.
It's not really ransom when you're thrilled to pay it.

It's called "treason"...afraid to say it?

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