Monday, April 17, 2017

Letter From a Birmingham Maternity Ward: Genius Babies Prove Conclusively That Grown-Up Liberal Researchers are Obsessed With Race

The Science is Settled!
"Thanks for teaching me about Liberal Shinola, Dad."
"No, son--thank you for teaching me!"

Legal Insurrection: "One of the enduring evils of the regressive insistence that all of society’s ills are rooted in racism is their repeated attacks on children...Racist six-month-old babies were the topic of a recent Tucker Carlson interview with one of the researchers involved in the study.

Tucker: “Now, I’m not a social scientist or a researcher, but it seems unlikely that you could measure the racial attitudes of a three-month-old, beyond like my diaper is dirty kind of thing, or I want some milk. ...From a non-expert point of view, this suggests that these attitudes are not learned behavior but a product of evolutionary biology, but I guess you would know. As someone who would cover politics, though, I’m pretty certain that your study is going to lead to new government programs and government control over babies.”".......

Stop the Racist Babies! Clearly we need Common Sense(tm) Racist Baby Control.
Who is the Real Jerk? Confirmation Bias is still Bias.

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