Friday, April 28, 2017

Confederates in the Atticus Finch

Naw, N'awlins

Mayor Landrieu removed a monument in New Orleans recently. It was a Jim Crow monument more than a Confederate monument, but Robt. E. Lee's statue removal is next. That has more than the whiff of the Soviet Airbrush about it, despite Lee's rebellion. There's also a kind of a historical arrogance about it.

For instance, Washington grew up when slavery was as natural as breathing. Yet by the end of his life, he had trained his slaves in various trades so they could support themselves when he freed them. Not to mention creating the freest country ever known. The question isn't "Did Washington live up to our standards?" The question is, if we were born in his time, could we live up to his?

Anyway, if Confederates hated blacks and Yankees, the Left today still hates white people and Southerners.

But they also hate Americans, Christians, men, straight people, gun-owners, businesspeople, the rich, traditionalists, cops, Trump voters, soldiers, unborn babies, etc.

Lefties: More Bigoted than Confederates Ever Were.
"All aboard the San Fran Secesh Line!"

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