Tuesday, April 25, 2017

"Shutdown": You Say That Like It's a Bad Thing

You Call it a"Shutdown", We Call It "Swamp-Draining"

The American Spectator: "Trump has submitted a budget, and with some changes, the House will pass it. But whether it can survive a Democratic filibuster in the Senate remains to be seen, and that’s what would precipitate the “shutdown.”

Even then, there’s a good chance Trump can insulate the critical and high profile services that might build opposition. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin says he can keep the government going even without a shutdown, but, in fact, even a partial shutdown plays precisely into the Trump agenda and his campaign promises of draining the swamp. Trump’s base, as well as “swing voters” who are fed up with out of control spending, would, of course, be cheered by such a move. Moreover, such a shutdown plays into Trump’s hands by giving him every excuse to slash funding to “sanctuary cities,” to bloated university programs, to global warming science grants, and on and on. Social Security checks will continue, the military will be funded, and necessary services will hum along while grants to study the sex life of the fruit bat will not. Deep State bureaucrats who so depend on the federal government for their very existence would be the ones most hurt. In short, Trump can not only make even a partial shutdown look like the Democrats’ fault but shield many of the (normally) loudest voices from the pain.

More important, every minute the bloated government is shut down reinforces the perception of Trump as a businessman who cuts the fat, extracts more efficiency, and makes the U.S. government more like a business. Unlike the Clinton/Gingrich shutdown battle, the control over what sectors of the government get their money is in the hands of a Republican president, not a Democrat who held up funds on the most visible and sympathetic programs. Trump would relish starving all the non-essential offices like PBS and NPR or global-warming science grants.

Trump’s critics tell us of a looming catastrophe. Trump responds, “Please don’t throw me in that briar patch,” and marches inexorably forward with his agenda.".......

Government Gets in the Way

Obama's Wall

Obama ordered government employees to go out of their way to block veterans' access,
then stand around chatting 

Shutdown or no shutdown, what is Speaker Ryan doing in Europe? And why is Ryan catering to the lowest common denominator instead of Leading out of strength? Why isn't Congress treating this like the Chance of a Lifetime, something we've worked for forever, not some country club dance? Why aren't we putting up bills to get Democrats on record? Why aren't we fighting for what we believe? Don't get me wrong--I'm glad the Freedom Caucus stopped RynoCare, but I don't see a sense of urgency.

President Trump should rescind Obama's OUTRAGEOUS healthcare waiver for Congress. That would focus their minds. And Trump needs to get his appointee process going. He's still governing with Obama's bureaucracy.

Get off you asses, boys and girls, and help him.

And don't be afraid of the Usual Suspect Swamp Creatures. Nobody. Is. Listening. Anymore.
"Oh, please don't make me fire half the bureaucrats in D.C., Br'er Democrat!"

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