Monday, April 10, 2017

"Last Night in South America"--Remember?

A Few From Babalu

Remember When Trump Raided Gallup Headquarters and Sent His Secret Police for the Clintons?

Mary Anastasia O’Grady:

"The special-operations unit of the Ecuadorean national police raided the Quito office of polling firm Cedatos on Friday, hauling away computers and documents and arresting two employees.
The company is one of the country’s oldest and most reputable independent pollsters. But it’s in trouble with President Rafael Correa, because in the April 2 runoff presidential election its exit poll gave opposition-party candidate Guillermo Lasso 53% of the vote and Mr. Correa’s handpicked candidate Lenín Moreno only 47%.
The Cedatos result differed from than that of the Correa-controlled national electoral council (CNE), which pronounced Mr. Moreno the winner. It would be easy to resolve this dispute if the CNE would make its records public. Instead Mr. Correa has unleashed a crackdown on those whose findings do not conform to his will.
On Friday special-ops police also raided an advertising company in Guayaquil that worked for the Lasso campaign. In a further act of intimidation, a group of some 40 police also went looking for Mr. Lasso on Friday. ...

The OAS told Mr. Lasso to take his complaints to the Correa-controlled electoral appeals tribunal. The U.S. State Department said something similar.
That advice is a bad joke. Mr. Correa has been president since 2007. He runs the country’s largest media empire and controls the legislature, the judiciary, the top command of the army, and the national police. All members of the CNE have links to his government or his party, the PAIS Alliance. The head of the electoral appeals tribunal is the brother of Mr. Correa’s attorney general." .......

Roses are red and Commies steal elections--'til they cancel them altogether. And sometimes Commies get to continue running the State Department months after they've left office.

Remember When Trump Shut Down CNN, C-SPAN and the Internet?

Cuba’s puppet dictatorship in Caracas is attempting to do the same thing in Venezuela its puppet masters in Havana do: Block all information and news from the people.

Gustavo Hernandez A. reports in Caracas Chronicles:

A broadening media black-out targets Venezuelan online video sites

The Venezuelan regime is moving to shut down access not just to broadcast media but even to online sources of video news, including even the National Assembly’s official online channel.".......

Comrade O dangerously allowed Cuba to sit in on the DEA's Intel Center in order to help the Cuban Military Dictatorship stop competing drug smugglers. I hope PDT has put a stop to this travesty: "The very month during which top Castroite officials were snooping around our top “drug-war” command center, Panamanian officials caught a Cuban ship red-handedly trying to smuggle 401 kilos of cocaine to Belgium. Naturally most you never heard of this “little incident” in the mainstream media. It had the potential; after all, of making Obama look like an utter fool–if not something worse. So it was kept very hush-hush by his lapdog media.".......

Remember What a #TrueResistance Looks Like?


Venezuela News and Views:

Week 2 of the dictatorship: tensing more and more

"The protest was huge today. HUUGE…  Chacao filled up like in its best days.

And thus was the reaction of the regime, repression more brutal than before, a rain of tear gas but also direct shots with tear gas canisters which I understand is forbidden internationally.  Whatever it is, the regime has sent its troops not only to repress but also in too many cases to rob the people they catch taking away their cellular phones, at least.
In the evening when all was supposedly done, the regime managed to slip in a tear gas bomb in the offices of Capriles in Caracas, setting them on fire. At midnight the army with heavy weaponry presented itself at the site “for inquiry”. Scare tactics everywhere, whenever.  The worry is what will we do with all those corrupt security personnel when this is over. From denazification to dechavistation.
But perhaps the main message of the day, besides the radicalization of the protest and repression, is that the opposition, without newspapers and without TV or radio is managing to pass its message very successfully. Internet will have to go.  And there is another message: outside of Caracas protest are also crescendo. And rallies in support of the regime are weak and in Caracas only. 
Only repression is left for Maduro. The only questions are how far and how long.".......

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