Sunday, April 9, 2017

Aboard the Ford: Won't You Let Me Take You On a Sea-Based Cruise Missile Cruise?

Syria Considered, and Reconsidered, by Tom A. Hawk

Aboard the USS Gerald R. Ford: "Our long national nightmare is over."


March 02, 2017 Newport News, Virginia  2:28 P.M. EST

THE PRESIDENT:  "Thank you.  Thank you very much.  What an honor.  They just gave me this beautiful jacket.  They said, here, Mr. President, please take this home.  I said, let me wear it.  (Laughter.)  And then they gave me the beautiful hat, and I said, you know, maybe I'll do that.  We have a great "Make America Great Again" hat, but I said, this is a special day, we're wearing this.  Right?  (Applause.)  I have no idea how it looks, but I think it looks good.  It's a great-looking hat -- just like this is a great-looking ship.
Thank you.  I'm privileged to stand here today with the incredible men and women of the United States Navy.  (Applause.)  American sailors are the best warfighting sailors anywhere in the world.  And it's not even close.  And, Susan, I am so glad you could be with us.  I know how hard you work -- 17 visits.  And she wanted things done right, I will tell you.  They told me she wanted this one done right, in honor of both of her parents, who were great, great people.  And we wanted to introduce this beautiful vessel to the American people.  And I wanted to be here, I wanted to be with you.  So, Susan, and to your family -- unbelievable job.  Unbelievable.  (Applause.)  
The soon-to-be commissioned Gerald R. Ford USS -- what a place.  It really feels like a place.  You stand on that deck, and you feel like you're standing on a very big piece of land.  But this is better than land.  It will not only be a great symbol of American strength, but a great legacy for your father, and our former President, Gerald Ford.
President Ford was a Navy man.  By the way, he was also a great athlete, for those of you that didn’t know.  He saw action in the South Pacific during World War II.  He served this country with honor -- in the military, in Congress, and in the White House.  The proud dignity of this ship is a fitting tribute to Gerald Ford, the man and the President.  
Congratulations to all of the men and women who helped build it.  This is American craftsmanship at its biggest, at its best, at its finest.  American workers are the greatest anywhere in the world.  This warship, and all who serve on it, should be a source of shared pride for our nation.".......

Don Surber: "I called Syria wrong this morning. I based it on two facts:
  1. We do not need to be in the Middle East.
  2. The media is always wrong about Trump, whom they see daily, therefore how can they get events halfway across the world.
However right I am about the media and the Middle East, I overlooked mine own advice: Never bet against Donald John Trump."......

Mr. Surber then surveys several Trump supporters who list the benefits of this measured action, and they are many.

Let's not forget: it was President Strawman's--not President Trump's--favorite dodge to pose a false choice between either World War III or abject surrender. And although it was a false choice, Obama always chose the latter.

Syria is not now another Iraq, or even a Libya, where Hillary killed Qaddafi despite his having already surrendered to Bush years earlier. Or maybe because he surrendered to Bush earlier.

It would be akin to JFK taking out the Emperor of Japan years later. I believe it was meant to be Ma Barker's first campaign commercial, demonstrating her mad bribery skilz manly foreign policy chops. When it all went south, Libya was never mentioned again. Thanks, #MemoryHole Media.

If Iraq was worth doing, then it was worth doing right--not by blowing billions on thieves, operating under crappy rules of engagement, failing to secure a proper Status of Forces agreement--and certainly not by electing a president hellbent on empowering Iran.
My friends: the President and Betty
American presidents--Republican presidents--now have to take one more thing into consideration when contemplating conflict. And it's not weaponry or enemy troop strength.

It's #TheCollusionProfusion.

Since the Cold War, Vietnam, Iraq, the War on Terrorism and Israel's wars as well, presidents have to know that at some point, Democrats will cut and run. Even if they initially support a war, they will eventually start to demagogue the effort, seeking political advantage and heading for the tall grass.

And that's if they don't start actively siding with the enemy.

Better make it short and sweet, Mr. President.

They told him one Tomahawk was too many.
They told him fifty-nine was not enough.
He was warned.
He was given an explanation. 

Nevertheless, he persisted:


"I'm Bob Dole and Bob Dole approves, people."

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