Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Democrat Dog Doo-Gooders

People For the Animal Treatment of Ethics

"This is for your own good. Repeat after me; 'For my own good'." 
Fetch, citizen:

"The letter told pet owners to license their pets or face a $250 fine.
"It feels weird to me, it feels like they're kind of snooping around in a place where they shouldn't be," said dog owner Chris Lee.
Turns out for the last four years, King County has been using data companies to target specific taxpayers, or in this case pet owners. That means every time customers swipe those rewards cards, they're gathering data.
"This is kind of standard marketing practice or procedure that people use," said Cameron Satterfield, from King County Animal Services.
The letter ended up in nearly 40,000 mailboxes.
"This is not King County going and grabbing this data, you know, big brother watching what you buy at the grocery store," said Satterfield.
Instead, the county said they pay the company who pays stores such as Safeway and QFC for access to customer data contained in every one of those reward card swipes.
"This is a cost effective and we feel, less intrusive way of reminding people of the requirement and benefits of pet licensing," said Satterfield.".......

'Less intrusive' than what? Cats and Dogs Living Together and Informing on You for Treats?

Safeway denies it. But the information came from somewhere.

And Fido can't look me in the eye anymore.

Remember; the Left is all about protecting your Privacy Rights. Unless there's a nickel in it.

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