Friday, November 25, 2016

Without Fake News, There Wouldn't Be Any News At All

Liars Gonna' Lie

"RUSHLadies and gentlemen, I really want you to try to do something, and that is to doubt everything that you see that has as its source the New York Times or NBC or CBS or ABC or CNN or the Los Angeles Times or USA Today.  I can't tell you the number of stories I've seen with the theme, the premise, the narrative, "Trump walks back X." "Trump walks back views on Paris." "Trump walks back views on prosecuting Hillary."  Trump isn't "walking back" anything yet.  They have not changed.  They tried to dispirit you during the campaign and depress you so that you wouldn't vote. 

They're trying to make you think Trump is selling you out now.  It is who they are, and you are much better off disbelieving everything.  If you end up being wrong, fine.  But if you believe this and start acting accordingly and you're wrong, you may end up causing damage to things.  Do not believe them!

I don't believe Trump's changed on that.  If he has plans, he's not gonna telegraph it to the New York Times or to the media or to his targets.  But they want you doubting Trump and they want you think Trump's abandoning you and they want you thinking Trump's no different than any person that's ever been elected.  They want you to think you've just fallen for the biggest trick in the history of tricks.  They want you thinking Trump's no different than your average, ordinary politician that you meet.  That's what they want -- and I'm telling you, do not believe them.  Do not let them even get to first base with you on this.".......

The more lies they tell, the more I support him. And they've never lied more than they are now.

LEG-HUMP MEDIA UPDATE: CNN’s Christiane Amanpour received a prestigious award for Asking Republican Candidates the Most Questions Written By John Podesta and Leaking the Most Debate Questions to Hillary--congratulations all around!

In her unacceptance speech, she said the press is wonderful, you're deplorable and Trump is building detention camps for journalists because he's a dictator like the Ayatollahs. Here, Amanpour heroically confronts that Iranian regime, bravely speaking Truth to Power:
"How is it your Wolf Blitzer fails so miserably at Jeopardy?"
J.J. Sefton: * Note to Amanpour: Moe Howard Called and Wants His Haircut Back

In her ghostwritten Podesta speech, Amanpour asks the burning question:
"Is our reporters learning?"

Trump sends his Stooges to take Christiane to the Cheerleader Stenographer Journalist Camps

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