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In Obama's Upside-Down America, Actors Write Criticisms of the Audience.

Our Un-American Cousins

The Broadway actors of "Hamilton" took it upon themselves to lecture Mike Pence on American civics. "I'm not a Founder--but I play one on TV Broadway!"

In the old days, theater-goers critiqued the actors. In Upside-Down ObamAmerica, the actors critique the theater-goers. You know--the way the Founders and Roger Ebert intended it.

When I want political opinions from somebody dressed in buckled heels, knee breeches and powdered wigs, I prefer the Original Cast, thank you.

Washington, Hamilton, Franklin, Jefferson, Madison, The Adams', Jay, Mason, Hancock, Revere, Henry, Randolph, Morris--not the former line dancers from "Rent".

Imagine if other workplaces did this, too:

"Welcome, Gov. Pence. My talents have given me a platform to address you, so please hear me out."
"Well, I'd like to, Biff, but I really just came to the Home Depot garden department to get some gladiolas for the wife--are they still on sale?"
"Yes, Governor, behind the fertilizer--but about my manifesto..."
"Have your Junior High civics teacher mail it to me, Biff--say, do you have any roses? I need one for my lapel. We're going to see "Hamilton" tonight."
"Who's Hamilton?"

Glenn Reynolds reviews the Bi-Centennial Thespian reviewers:

"Also: “For the record, Alexander Hamilton was an immigration hawk who endorsed the Alien and Sedition Acts and wanted to deport troublemakers.”"

But the thread-winner is from Ellen Anderson:
"Actors Gonna' Act."
Hamilton created the Electoral College, The Coast Guard, was against illegal Aliens and Seditionists like BlackLivesMatter. He was a Wall Street capitalist, a Militia volunteer who brought cannons to Princeton University, muskets to Broadway and pistols to New Jersey. And he loathed One-Man Treaties by runaway presidents. That's why he banned them in the Actual Constitution, not the Left's Potemkin Constitution.

Hamilton's nemesis Thomas Jefferson isn't faring much better at the hands of Leftists, either:

LOL: Students Offended By Thomas Jefferson Quotes… At Jefferson’s Own University!

The Jefferson quote in question says that UVA students are the leaders of tomorrow; RACIST!

Clearly Jefferson didn't know these students.
"They are exactly the persons who are to succeed to the government of our country,
and to rule its future enmities, its friendships and, who am I kidding? We risked the gallows standing up to the World's Only Superpower, but these precious snowflakes can't even handle
losing an election without Play-Doh and therapy ponies!"
They really just object to the fact that Jefferson wasn't as morally pure, enlightened, brave, honest, wonderful, perfect, wise and noble as they are. Perhaps this is a good time to consult a black man...ah, here's one;

"In a sense, proponents of "social justice" are unduly modest. What they are seeking to correct are not merely the deficiencies of society, but of the cosmos. What they call social justice encompasses far more than any given society is causally responsible for. Crusaders for social justice seek to correct not merely the sins of man but the oversights of God or the accidents of history. What they are really seeking is a universe tailor-made to their vision of equality. They are seeking cosmic justice."--Dr. Thomas Sowell, "The Quest for Cosmic Justice"

But since they can't run the cosmos, correct God, change human nature or alter history, they'll just try to take it out of your hide, suppress your civil rights and walk on your face on their way to the Radiant Future.

No. We Say No.

And #ThatsHowYouGotTrumpington
"These Social Justice Warriors--they're quite mad, you know."
Since Jefferson, Hamilton and the Founders are so objectionable, what of their handiwork?

Law Perfesser Leon Freidman scribbles at Huffy's:

"Can a section of the Constitution itself be unconstitutional? The answer is yes."

Yes-if my candidate loses. If she had won and the roles were reversed, no.

Hamilton gets the final word: "It's not tyranny we desire; it's a just, limited, federal government. And script and casting approval when this thing goes Hollywood. Under no circumstances let Clooney portray me! Betsy--get me Chuck Norris upon the telephonic device!"
“The Constitution shall never be prevent the people of the United States who are peaceable citizens from keeping their own arms, whatever some needy actor or Jacobin executive may say.
And the Globe goes!”


SOMEBODY’S READ ALINSKY: Pro-Trump Flash Mob Breaks Out at ‘Hamilton’ Theater in NYC (VIDEO).
Seen on Facebook: “The last time Hamilton had a duel with a Vice President, he lost, too.”

It wasn't just their Alinsky they were reading; it was also their Marion--Francis Marion, the Swamp Fox.


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