Saturday, November 12, 2016

No Job for "Bad Judgment" Bob: Put Corker Back in the Bottle

Don't Fall For It, Donald!

"I want to fail upwards like my hero Hillary."
Sen. Bob "Bad Judgment" Corker is trying to inject himself into the conversation about a Secretary of State gig.


"Corker has essentially done more to shepherd President Obama and the Democratic Party’s radical agenda over the last eight years than almost any other active senator. While most of Corker’s damage has been on the foreign policy front, he has also shown an ability to support the Obama administration’s catastrophic domestic policy agenda as well. 

Corker first demonstrated his handiwork for snatching defeat from the jaws of victory when he helped salvage the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act in the waning legislative days of the Democrat-controlled Congress in 2010, as chronicled by Tennessee activist Kevin Kookogey last week

Corker was later infamously instrumental in rescuing President Obama’s illegal alien amnesty legislation in 2013 after it was on life support.  Dodd-Frank has predictably proven to be a disaster, and Corker’s amnesty bill was a narrowly dodged bullet that may yet return if and when Democrats control the Senate again. 

And don’t forget Corker’s own brilliant, independent idea to increase the federal gasoline tax (a proposal, by the way, which he first offered when gasoline prices were sky-high nationwide.)

But Corker’s greatest contribution to the Obama administration’s almost-eight-year fraud on the American people was his complicity in the catastrophic deal between the administration and the Islamic Republic of Iran.  ...

"How does an ICBM fly without wings, anyway?"
Right at the heart of this mess was none other than Bob Corker.  Corker has rarely, if ever, demonstrated the willpower, from his perch as chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, to in any way resist the will of the administration or liberal Democrats in Congress. ...

Rather than isolating President Obama’s unlawful executive agreement with Iran by insisting it be considered by the Senate as a treaty—which would have required two-thirds ratification—Corker wrapped his arms around the deal and gave its lawlessness the imprimatur of congressional consideration and approval.  He was one of the few Republicans who refused to sign onto the Cotton letter declaring the Iran deal null and void.".......

Corker was also a rubber stamp for Obama's horrible appointees. Not to mention gun control.

Mr. Trump, you're already forced to spend time and energy to clean up so many Corker's messes and failures--please don't sign up for more Corker Clunkers.

Mr. President-Elect: Stay far away from this RINO loser and his Loser Cooties!
"I couldn't have done it without you, Bob."


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