Sunday, November 27, 2016

Viva el comandante Donald!

"That's Not Who We Aren't!"

 A Dictator Dies a Failure:

"...for [the nationalist] Fidel, the chance to develop an economy that didn’t revolve around trade and tourism with the U.S. was heaven-sent. By taking the path of socialist development in solidarity with the Soviet Union, Fidel believed he saw the chance to create a strong Cuban economy and industrial base that would make the island truly independent.

It didn’t work, and socialism’s failure in Cuba was even more spectacular and damaging than its failure in other parts of the world. In the USSR itself, and in parts of eastern Europe, socialist economic construction may have taken a harsh human toll and ultimately led to stagnation, but along the way at least it created an industrial base. Nothing of the kind happened in Cuba. As an economic planner, Fidel was one of the great failures of the 20th century. Even by socialist standards, he was a flop. Under Fidel’s dead hand, sugar failed, alternative crops failed, manufacturing failed. The handful of successes, mostly in health care and pharmaceuticals, were real, but fell well short of providing the economic platform Cuba needed. As Fidel lay on his deathbed he had to know that two generations of struggle and sacrifice had failed to build a new Cuban economy.

Lee Kwan Yew, Augusto Pinochet, Francisco Franco, Chiang Kai Shek, Park Chung-he: all of these dictators and authoritarians can mock Fidel Castro. They left their countries better off than they found them, and while many of them committed terrible crimes, they can also point to great accomplishments. Fidel has only the crimes.".......

But he also has the fan-base. So much so, that his American president fan-boy pulled his bankrupt fat out of the fire, just as he did for the Mullahs. Must have been all those heroic workers stories told to the young Barack around the Red-Diaper campfire, while sitting on his Frank Marshall Davis' knee.

All the other America-haters are singing his praises, too, even though...

* as an ethnic Spaniard, Castro had little use for other races of Cubans.
* he stole from poor and gave to the rich
* he began as a charismatic nationalist and became a military dictator
* he sent his goon squads into the neighborhoods to round up undesirables
* he silenced the critical press
* he built a prison wall around his nation

In short, all the horrible lies the Left tells about Donald Trump--Castro actually did them!
Yet they worship Fidel and hate the Donald.

The difference: Castro "stood up to America!", and Trump stood up for her.

Eso es imperdonable.

"How do you like me now, comrades?"

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