Sunday, November 13, 2016

Obama: Invite Bob Creamer Back to the Oval Office and Order Him to Give the Riot Money Back to Soros and Call Off Your Brownshirt Goon Squads

For the Children(tm):

Maybe it's just me, but the cold-blooded murder of her father by a BlackLivesMatter assassin could also be "deemed insensitive".
Sgt. Michael Smith, Dallas Police Department

SMU has since recanted, but it shows the Absolute Moral Rot and Cowardice at the heart of academia and the Brownshirt Left.

As does this:

"STOMP Out Bullying™ says NO to victimization, NO to anti-bullying legislation that does not work and NO to the hate and intolerance of others. We do say YES to choosing kindness, YES to teaching empathy, YES to accepting others NO MATTER™ what they look like, their race, their beliefs, or their sexual orientation or gender, and YES to becoming responsible and kind digital citizens."

And YES to pushing senior citizens down the stairs at Trump Towers while rioting to overturn the results of a democratic election.

But in a kind, empathetic way!

"You call it 'rioting'; we call it 'Community Organizing'!"

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