Wednesday, November 9, 2016

I'll Believe In Global Warming When They Stop Burning the Incriminating Files at Every Department and Agency in DC

I Can Smell the Smoke and BleachBit From Here

*Obama and Hillary promised to work on us. Trump promised to work for us.

*Q: "How can somebody with 60% disapproval win?"
 A: Because there is a big difference between human foibles and outright criminality and corruption. But even more to the point: IT'S NOT ABOUT TRUMP--IT'S ABOUT US.

*The next few months will be packed with as much treachery, pardons for the undeserving, subterfuge and treasonous gifts to our enemies as Obama thinks he can get away with.

* Reports of Americans' fondness for the National Assisted Suicide of this country have been greatly exaggerated.

* Somebody better get some Grief Counselors for the Leg-Humping Media--they look like they swallowed a bug.

*hehheheheheheheheheh. heh heh.

*Trump won the popular vote, too--especially once you subtract out all the imaginary friends, the double-voting, cartoon characters, housepets, felons, foreign nationals, mail-in fraud, machine-tampering, the dearly departed, Harry Reid's multiple personalities and all of Carlos Danger's aliases.

*No More WWHC--"What Would Hillary Charge?'

*You know Obama's hackneyed phrase "That's not who we are."?
It's not who we are.

* "Does Trump have a path to victory?" Yeah, he does. Does the Leg-Humping Media have a path back to journalism?

*This one's for Nino.

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