Wednesday, November 23, 2016

#DontGoSquishyNowDonald (UPDATED)

"Remember, George, this is no time to go wobbly."--Margaret Thatcher, during the Last War

On 60 Minutes recently, Lesley Stahl got Trump to accept the Leg-Humping Media narrative of violent or abusive Trump supporters when the exact opposite is the case. After refuting the OfficialNarrative(tm) for his entire campaign, Trump meekly assented to Stahl's "facts" and denounced his own supporters based on media lies, and act he just repeated again when denouncing the "alt-right" and "white supremacists".

In their world, there are either liberals or racists. To be a conservative or a Republican is to be a racist in their telling. Don't start accepting their premise now.

It is true that all national campaigns have unsavory supporters. The Communist Party routinely endorses Democrats--but Dems never get ordered to repudiate anybody. In fact, pro- cop-killer BlackLivesMatter go to the White House. Taliban Dad Mateen gets a seat of honor weeks after he sent his loaded son-gun into a gay nightclub. Obama meets with Bob Creamer dozens of times to discuss vote fraud and brown shirt thuggery--*media silence*. Without double standards, they wouldn't have any standards at all.

Read My Lips: if Trump thinks he'll get Strange New Respect for throwing people and policies under the bus, he should know that they will just use it against him later; "Trump Admits He Was Elected By Racists".

I think he wants the decent press he used to get from the NYTimes, but he was a New Yorker then, Now he's a Republican and they will never be fair to him again.

* Global Warming is still a fraud, Donald.

Let's say I suddenly "discovered" a weather phenomenon that required limited government, lower taxes and free-market capitalism--would anyone believe it? Yet liberals "discovered" one that requires all their favorite policies: Global Government, higher energy taxes and control of industrial policy. Not to mention all their scientists are on the government payroll and are defunded for dissenting. And now threatened with prosecution, too. Because...Science!

That's not science--that's Al Capone with a chemistry set.

* Trump pledged to seek a special prosecutor for Clinton in front of 67 million viewers. If he recants, even for the purpose of sparing the country, it will look like it was all politics and no principle. The Clintons will also use it as proof of their innocence.

Yes, it's unseemly for a great nation to put a First Lady under investigation, but it is much more unseemly to ignore the bribery, the obstruction of justice and the national security crimes (which were caused by trying to keep the bribery secret). 

Donald ran against #theRiggedSystem. Are we going to have the Rule of Law or the Clintons' Above the Law criminality? Let justice take its course. Pardon later if you wish--but the signal must be sent; America is not a Banana Republic where officials sell policy to the highest bidder.

To coin a phrase, "That's Not Who We Are."

If Trump interferes with justice here, it would just make him the newest leader of that same old Rigged System. #DontRigTheSystemDonald!

Don't fall for it. Don't give them control of the narrative. Don't try to please people who will backstab you before you're even out of the room.

Stay true, Brother Donald, stay true.
CLIMATE OF CLINTON UPDATE: Trump Won't Take Clinton Investigations Off the Table
CLIMATE OF LIES UPDATE: Climate Depot: Media falsely spins Trump’s NYT climate comments – Trump cited Climategate, restated skepticism of ‘global warming’ – Read full transcript

Trump countered: ‘We’ve had storms always, Arthur.’

Trump is accurately citing the latest climate science by noting that extreme weather is not getting worse.".......
When Obama went to Midway Island this summer to kneecap the fishing industry of his native Kenya Hawaii, he blathered on about Global Warming. But interspersed on the beach before him was the occasional corpse of a seabird, its stomachs ringed with plastic bottle caps inside. The plastic floating in the ocean is a tangible pollutant that could be cleaned up. With $20 Trillion in debt, anything we do must be absolutely real.

We cannot pump billions down a bureaucratic rat-hole in hopes that a century from now the temperature may drop by a fraction of a fraction of a degree--maybe. That kind of waste is meant to bolster socialist bureaucrats, not affect the weather. It may help Minister Jean-Claude's forecast to spend an extra week at St. Tropez with his mistress, but it does nothing for ours.
And Trump knows it. Why do I ever believe anything these Cartoon Journalists report? I'd say that the lying has already begun, but the scientific truth is that it has never stopped.
That science is settled.

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