Thursday, November 17, 2016

The Clintons Have Gone From Selling Pardons to Begging For One

They sent Jesse Jackson out today to make the case for it. Which is odd, since she didn't break any laws and Obama says there's not been a smidgeon of corruption in his administration.

She's trying to blame Trump, but several FBI field offices were investigating her Foundation Bribe Factory long before Trump got involved. She's  hoping she can claim it as a consolation prize while Democrats are still angry. As someone said, Democrats haven't been this angry since the last time we freed their slaves. Their Sanctuary Mayors and Governors are certainly acting like secessionists again.

The only question is if Obama has already signed off or is he loathe to get more Clinton$tench on his legacy? He bears blame also for letting the Clintons run their Bunco Scam out of the State Department, selling policy and favors. 

In any case, the irony is Shakespearean; the most Nixonian candidate since Nixon, who got herself fired from the Watergate Committee for being just as crooked as Nixon, her husband impeached and now begging for a pardon that the Clinton/Rodham gang once sold like popsicles on a summer's day.

Nixon, at least, was a statesman. Hillary, however...

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