Saturday, May 27, 2017

The New American Apartheid: Our Anti-Racists are Racist, Just as Our Anti-Fascists are Fascists

Just as Our Feminists are Anti-Female: Our Progressives are Regressing.

Tucker Carlson featured three stories last night that, while he didn't connect them, were really just the same story.

* 1.) The Kooks Burrito Girls, run out of business in Portland for being the wrong race. Although women were empowered and the food was delicious and customers were happy and jobs were created and taxes were paid, the formerly-empowered women were hounded out of business by an racialist internet lynch mob.

You see, in Left-World, only Government-Approved and Inspected Genuine Grade A-Mexicans are allowed to sell Mexican food.

Say--you know who else wanted to restrict business to the Correct Race and tattoo their racial classifications onto peoples' arms?

The Horror!
* 2.) The super-creepy Princeton Admissions bean-counters, judging students on pure racial stereotypes, saying essentially about Asians that "They all look alike to me". 

Daniel Greenfield: "We all know affirmative action is racist. It's racist in the most direct legal sense of the term. It privileges some and dispossess others based on skin color. But it's also internally racist. Colleges routinely break the law to, openly or covertly, practice affirmative action.

Of a Hispanic applicant, an admissions officer wrote, “Tough to see putting her ahead of others. No cultural flavor in app.” Of a black student, another said, “Very few African Americans with verbal scores like this.” At times, the documents show, admissions officers twist themselves into bizarre knots as they consider — and dance around — the issue of applicants’ race. “Were there a touch more cultural flavor I'd be more enthusiastic,” one officer wrote of a Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander.

Affirmative action means that it's not the student's skills that matter. It's how much they fit some white leftist's idea of a minority. And how much "cultural flavor" they have. Racial bias in admissions is a national crisis. Colleges are keeping down students who could make a contribution while focusing on the sorts of crybullies who will stage protests and burn down buildings.

Princeton’s admissions officers repeatedly wrote of Asian applicants as being difficult to differentiate, referring to them dismissively as having “very familiar profiles,” calling them “standard premeds,” or “difficult to pluck out.” The comments were noted by civil rights investigators at the Education Department as they probed allegations of racial bias in the school’s admissions system.
An investigator questioned an admissions officer after an Asian student was described eagerly by a counterpart as a “first-generation Chinese student whose own life has not been easy, trying to make the lives of others better through service. One of the best we’ll ever see from [high school].”
The second officer was less enthusiastic. “Perfectly able and appealing,” the officer wrote. “Very familiar profile.”

"Bright premed, but like many others," another.".......

Princeton's Unequal Protection racketeers fought like a hacking tobacco company to keep their dirty little secrets hidden from daylight.
"Hamilton took his stand on one of the stoops, and proceeded with great animation and eloquence to harangue the mob on the excessive impropriety of their conduct, and the disgrace it would bring on the cause of liberty; of which they avowed themselves to be the Champions."--Robert Troup, Hamilton's college roommate at Princeton [then King's College]

"A mob of over 300 people came after King’s College President Miles Cooper - a well-known loyalist - with the intention to lynch him. This speech gave enough time for President Cooper to escape."

Hamilton would later return to Princeton. With cannon. And it could happen again.

* 3.) The Lord of the Flies-Race Mob at Evergreen College: Students harass white professor for refusing to leave campus on anti-white ‘Day of Absence’

"These kids don't belong at a university. They need cult deprogramming first." Except the university is where they were programmed into this Neo-Segregation cult. And they exhibit the zeal of a Maoist Red Guard unit imposing the Cultural Revolution on the campus while the college president hides under his desk.

These New Apartheid student mobs want a No Whites-Day. When their thoughtful professor disagreed (a pro-Bernie guy himself!), they turned on him because he's white. Of course, so were the students. Mostly white kids taught to hate their own pigment and culture by idiot educators who sit atop that culture preaching White Privilege.

Hey kidz; the "logic" of your brainwashed position doesn't just demand that your Free Speech professor be fired; it also demands that you as a white student give up your slot at the university for someone with "better" pigment. Start packing.

All of these stories are just more of the same old Jim Crow mulatto/octoroon/quadroon racist One-Drop Rule. Segregationists  Lester Maddox and Bull Conner couldn't agree with you more, kidz.

The places of the races may be switched, but the principle remains intact:

"There is a preferred master race and an inferior lesser race who may oppressed with impunity and Government shall enforce our race-based system!"

And when the students graduate with a degree in Useless Rage and are living in their cars, the professors who taught them this racist garbage will be on vacation in Tuscany, spending their student loan money.

Because Privilege!, Dummy!

You better wake up from Woke. You're sleep-walking into the Same Old Lie.
"Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss"

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