Tuesday, May 9, 2017

President Trump Fires Comey: Bi-Polar Democrats: "We Demand Comey's Firing! How Dare You Fire Comey!"


Awesome job by President Trump.

Comey's national security "investigation" of Hillary was a Fix. He only re-opened it under duress. And if he was investigating her Bribe Factory, we sure haven't heard about it. Again, the Fix.

Comey was however perfectly content to "investigate" the Russia/Trump campaign nothingburger for the next five years, screwing the President over to keep his own cred with Democrats.

Comey began his run as an "independent" counsel, covering for Bill Clinton's $ale of the Marc Rich Pardon and ends the same way, covering for the Clintons. If only the visionary Rich had waited; doing dirty deals with Iran became policy under Obama.

It was Hillary's criminality that first convinced me back in 1994 that I could no longer be a Democrat. And I laughed when Sally Yates talked about Flynn being open to blackmail; there has never been a gang of grifters more susceptible to blackmail than the Bribe-Me Granny and Do-Me Billy Crime Family.

But I don't want any cabinet secretaries, Republican or Democrat, taking bribes or flaunting our national security laws with impunity. This is America, not some third-world rat-hole.

I don't think the tarmac meeting was about a job offer for Lynch--that was a given. I think it was where the Clintons demanded Trump be surveilled. That's why it was done in person and not on the phone. But in either case, Hillary self-sabotaged by arranging it.

But Trump is the Nixonian one. Right.

Comey thought he was protecting Hillary the best he could, but by propping up that clan of grifters, he actually short-circuited Democrats from choosing a  clean nominee. That's what happens to fence-riders.

We believe President Trump will now choose a Director worthy of the motto:

Fidelity, Bravery, Integrity.

"Guard! Call Comey--he'll vouch for me! It's Not My Faullllllt!"

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