Tuesday, May 30, 2017

List of Leakers, Leaks of Listers

Thanks, Obama!

Patriot Post: "The impression created by the media is that Trump is so inherently incompetent that members of his own staff are doing the leaking. The image is one of utter chaos in the West Wing. In reality, many of the leaks are likely coming from political appointees of Barack Obama who remain in the White House. In the waning days of his presidency, Obama transferred these political appointees to civil servant status in order to make it harder for them to be terminated by the incoming president.

As The Daily Signal revealed last December, “After President Barack Obama exits office, at least 88 of his political appointees will likely remain working in the federal government under a Donald Trump administration, according to numbers from the Office of Personnel Management.”

Remember when Mitt said Russia was the biggest threat and Obama said it was al Qaeda?

They were both wrong.

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