Saturday, May 13, 2017

Yes, My Pretties; It's "Just Like Watergate!": Democrat Squirrels Finally Find Nut!

And Democrat Nuts Finally Find Squirrels!

"We've got him this time. Two scoops of vanilla! Two! Do you people understand what this means?"

Pat Buchanan: 'I Was in the Oval Office With Richard Nixon': Buchanan Reacts to Comey-Watergate Comparisons   

"Nixon had to fire his [attorney general], and I recommended it," Buchanan said, adding that Nixon "had no other choice" than to fire a cabinet member who refused an order during such trying times.
He also said he knew the Watergate scandal would lead to Nixon being impeached, because there was evidence of a real crime, something he doesn't see with the allegations surrounding the Trump campaign colluding with Russia.
Buchanan said he believes Trump became "exasperated" with Comey leading a months-long investigation into his campaign, with no evidence of collusion being presented and no Trump official being either indicted or cleared.
"There's a cloud hanging over Trump's administration and White House, unjustified," Buchanan said. "And I think he was telling, in effect, Comey, 'Look, get this done, get this over with. Exonerate me or indict somebody.' And I think Comey didn't do a thing and that's why he got rid of him."

At Newsmax: "It's absurdity to equate the two; one of them is an enormous event in American history and this is just the removal of a controversial FBI Director and his replacement I'm sure with a qualified fellow."

I must respectfully disagree with Pat here. In fact, I find myself in complete agreement with Democrats, the monomaniacal mavens of mouth-frothing madness, today's nattering nabobs of negativism:

"This is just like Watergate!"

Indeed it is:

* In Watergate, a president wiretapped the opposition party...just like Obama!
* In Watergate, the Press dug deep. Today, they're digging to bury the truth. And any remaining shreds of credibility they might have once had
* In Watergate, there was an underlying crime. Today, under it all, there's a lying Crime Family.
* In Watergate, there was a illegal slush fund. Today, $1.6 million was given to the wife of  the acting head of the FBI by Hillary staffers, Hillary bundlers, Hillary pal MacAuliffe and his state organization. The FBI then excused her felonies.
* In Watergate, the press tampered with a jury. Today the Moron Media accuse the president of tampering for suggesting a question.
* In Watergate, investigation revealed the FBI Director had buried evidence and was forced out. Today, Comey was fired after burying the evidence against Hillary by conducting a sham investigation.
*In Watergate, Nixon had a Dirty Tricks team. Today, Hillary's Access Hollywood scheme with NBC's Andy Lack blew up in her face.
* In Watergate, Nixon looked gaunt and haggard. Today, Hillary had an entire ICU medical team pushing her gurney from one small campaign event to the next.
*In Watergate, Woodward and Bernstein's Extra-edition  scoop led to a Constitutional Crisis. Today, President Trump's extra scoop of ice cream is a Constitutional Crisis unparalleled in the THE ENTIRE HISTORY OF THE WORLD.
* In Watergate, Nixon used the FBI, the CIA and the IRS against political opponents...just like Obama!
* And in Watergate, Hillary was fired from the Watergate Committee for being a corrupt hack, the Only Democrat Fired in A Republican Scandal. In November, the voters fired Hillary again for being a corrupt hack. Still. Over four decades later.

Yes, it's "Just Like Watergate".

Wiretapping the Other Party's Campaign Headquarters

Journalism then:

Journalism now:


The FBI then...
...and the day before yesterday
White House Aides:

The Attorney Generals:

The Presidents:

"Can you hear me now I hear you now? Yes, I can!"

"See what I mean? Just Like Watergate! We've really got Trump this time--I just know it!
What's the frequency, Barry?"

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