Tuesday, May 16, 2017

We Now Rejoin Today's Regularly-Scheduled Constitutional Crisis In Progress

If, by "Progress", you mean "Regression"

It was Pope Gregory the Eighth who introduced his Gregorian Calendar it in October, 1582--at least, he thinks it was October.

But in November, our Mope Hillary Media introduced the new Trumpian Calendar.

Under the previous Gregorian system, every day ended in "y". But in the new, improved, hyperventilated press psychosis calendar we all operate under now, every day ends in "Constitutional Crisis".

For example when I want to say "Mothers Day", I say "two Constitutional Crises ago". When I get paid on Friday--three Constitutional Crises from now--I'm headed to the grocery store to get some ribs for our Barbecue picnic at the lake four Crises from now. Then, after church, maybe we'll watch the game on Five Crises-afternoon.

When the Democrat Media inevitably goes full-Spinal Tap and cranks the Constitutional Crisis-volume up to 11 by inventing two- Trump Constitutional Crises per-day, I'm fully prepared for their Two-Crisis hissy fits per day-hysteria.

I'll simply call them a.m. Constitutional Crises and p.m. Constitutional Crises.

For example, breakfast is served at 9 o' crises a.m., and dinner is at 6 o' crisis p.m. And wash your hands, Anderson--we know where they've been.

And don't forget to set your clocks back for Daylight Savings Crisis!
CNN anchor S. Dali news-splains the exciting new Trumpian calendar to people trapped in front of airport tvs viewers!
Psycho Drama Queens-UPDATE: Kurt Schlichter: Liberals Are An Inferno Of Flaming Crazy And We Should Pour Gasoline On The Fire

"You look nuts. I mean wacko, zonked out, “Hey, that goldfish is firing a mind control laser at my brain and making me break dance” nuts.
But don’t stop. No, pump it up. You’re at “11,” and I say take it to “12.”
This is great!
All this insanity is going to help us normals retain power, from your gyno-hat marches to the fake hate crimes to your insistence that the Russians are responsible for everything from Hillary losing the election to the rarely-discussed but well-known liberal epidemic of ED. ...Good! These liberals are crazy, and they’re stupid, and we totally need to encourage them to keep doing crazy, stupid things. ...Here’s how this goes. The Democrats, along with the media and Team Tinfoil, keep whining about Russians Russians Russians, and normal people keep tuning them out. While they’re babbling about nonsense that means nothing outside of the coastal looney bins, normal people are tuning into how the stock market and the job market just keep getting better, how we’re not taking guff from foreign creeps anymore, and we’re not talking about how much taxes will go up but about how much they’ll go down. ...
The Democrats are being crazy and it’s a bad look. So let’s keep helping them do it. We can pity them even as we laugh at them. ".......

We had 50 popular elections and Trump won 30 of them. But the PermaBlob is going to correct your mistake for you, America.

They are proceeding apace with their Pre-Written Impeachment Plan, which was written before Trump even won the nomination, let alone the election or took office.

Ryan just gave a presser on taxes and the #ProfessionalLiars asked zero questions about taxes, only about how to impeach. Americans want tax relief and growth but the Pure Propaganda Press is only interested in their own agenda, not America's.

They're not trying to silence and control Trump; they're trying to silence and control you.

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