Thursday, May 18, 2017

What You Meant For Evil...

...He Meant For Good

Lifezette: How a Special Counsel Could Actually Benefit Trump

"The decision takes the case outside of the normal structure of the Justice Department, which carries a certain element of risk for the president. But former federal prosector Joseph diGenova told LifeZette that it could be good news in the long run for the Trump administration. He noted that Mueller, in addition to looking at potential wrongdoing by Trump associates, also could examine illegal leaks by government employees who have spread classified information that has embarrassed Trump.
What’s more, diGenova said, it could spare the White House from daily questions.
“They should welcome this because this is going to allow them to not comment on anything about this,” he said. “It’s under investigation.”
Andrew McCarthy, a former federal prosecutor who handled the terrorism case against Omar Abdel-Rahman — the so-called “Blind Sheikh” — said his concern about special counsels is that they sometimes search for prosecutions to justify their existence.
“What that ends up becoming is, sometimes, you have an investigation of the investigation,” he said, pointing to the prosecution of former White House aide Lewis “Scooter” Libby for lying to the FBI even though he had nothing to do with the leaking of former CIA agent Valerie Plame’s name — the reason the Justice Department appointed special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald in the first place.
But McCarthy said it could benefit Trump, as long as there is no incriminating evidence to turn up.
“It eventually is a political home run for the administration,” he said.".......

I'm with Joe diGenova and Andy McCarthy on this. This will help the President, who didn't do a damn thing wrong. Of course this is all a monstrosity, but some good things can come of it. And, no, I do not assume Mueller is part of the Democrat Lynch Mob.

1. It's uniting Americans against the Democrats long-standing #LynchMob habit. We can't roll like the Sewer Rat Democrats, but we should learn to hang together like those Swamp Snakes do.
2. Leakers just got their notice. The only crimes definitely committed are the leaks.
3. Now the grandstanders in Congress are sidelined. They can't get any witnesses until Mueller is done with them..
4. The White House no longer has to entertain the permanent "Gotcha!"-question. Repeat after me: "I refer you to the Special Counsel's office."
5. The business of the American people--anybody but the President remember them?--can go forward. Congress may actually have to earn their paychecks for a change.
6. The mission statement takes Russian involvement as a given. Yet the "17 Agencies" (which were really only 3, and even then by just a handful of Brennan stooges) have never looked at the DNC server. Why? That server is chock full of felonies. That server investigation was done by a private firm IIRC. Yet Democrats insist that public policy be made from their own private investigation of themselves. Private no more.
7. Democrats howled for this--let's see if they can stand up under oath, too.
8.  If Seth Rich was indeed the source of the WikiLeaks and not the Russians, the Clinton Crime Family would have huge motives to
a. see him disappear
b.  blame the Russians instead. And
c. forbid the FBI from looking at the DNC server.

All of those things have happened.

9. I hope this prompts Trump to fire more Obama Moles and get his own staffs.
10. This probe had better find out about the Tarmac Meeting where I believe Trump's surveillance was demanded by the Clinton Crime Family.

We'll see if Mueller is the patriot we think he is.

Hmmm-UPDATE: GP: "The records obtained as part of Judicial Watch’s lawsuit show that Mueller, who served 12 years as FBI chief, met with the Islamic organizations on February 8, 2012 to hear their demands. Shortly later the director assured the Muslim groups that he had ordered the removal of presentations and curricula on Islam from FBI offices nationwide. ...Here are some of the reasons provided by Mueller’s FBI for getting rid of “offensive” training documents: “Article is highly inflammatory and inaccurately argues the Muslim Brotherhood is a terrorist organization.” It’s crucial to note that Mueller himself had previously described the Muslim Brotherhood as a group that supports terrorism in the U.S. and overseas when his agency provided this ludicrous explanation." Uh-oh...

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