Sunday, May 21, 2017

The Clogged Drain: RINOs Blocking Trump Supporters From Administration Jobs--McMaster, Too?

The Swamp Doesn't Want to be Drained!

"Johnny DeStefano, a GOP elite loyalist who never vocally supported Trump, was somehow given the most important job in a presidential transition. As director of presidential personnel, DeStefano decides who will work in the Trump administration. DeStefano has been using his power to undermine Trump in several ways.

\Johnny DeStefano, head of personnel and policy for President Donald Trump, has blocked Trump supporters from the White House, twenty-three people with directly knowledge of hiring and personnel have reported to me.
Over 800 Trump supporters hold positions as Schedule C Federal Employees. These positions are temporary, and expire after 120 days.

Fewer than 15% of Trump’s temporary appointees (Schedule C) have been given permanent positions. Their terms are coming up, and they are being sent home.
One source told this reporter:
I was told that I have a permanent position, moved to that position, was given a new email address, but my paperwork says I am still on a 120 appointment that expires on the 20th. Half of the original Trump supporters here are in the same boat as me, the other half were told that they would not be re-appointed. So that 15% number (hopefully not, in my case) may be even lower. ...
John Fund of FoxNews reported that Trump had only 20% of the staff Bill Clinton had. ...
Alex Pfeiffer of the Daily Caller exclusively reported back in March:
Brian Hook, a Trump critic and former Bush administration official, is currently serving as the State Department’s director of policy planning, The Daily Caller has learned.
Foreign Policy’s John Hudson observed that Hook despised Trump.
“My wife said ‘never,’” Hook told Politico in May. “Even if you say you support him as the nominee, you go down the list of his positions and you see you disagree on every one.”
Since taking over at State, Brian Hook has pulled the security clearances of several of Trump’s most loyal supporters, putting America’s national security at risk. ...
DeStefano has also been coordinating with H.R. McMaster to “Make the NSC Democrat Again.”
McMaster has said, “We need to professionalize the NSC, and that means bringing in more Democrats.”".......
It certainly seems like Trump is still governing with Obama's government. Where's Mike Pence? This simply can't go on. The stakes are too high.
Don't Let Them Swamp the Drain, Donald;
Drain the Swamp!

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