Monday, May 29, 2017

One More Night, One More Day

Memorial Day 2017

"There they now stood, side by side...with arms in their hands, silent and fearless, willing to shed their blood for their rights...John Parker, the strongest and best wrestler in Lexington, had promised never to run from the British troops; and he kept his vow. A wound brought him on his knees. Having discharged his gun, he was preparing to load it again, when he was stabbed by a bayonet, and lay on the post which he took at the morning's drumbeat..."--Historian George Bancroft, founder of the Naval Academy, on the Battle of Lexington Green, where 70-some Minute Men faced 700 British Regulars, Apr. 19, 1775.
The Journey Home

"you guys are my world.”

Meet Your Son

One More Night

Fallen U.S. Marine 2nd Lt. James Cathey and his wife Katherine with their unborn son.

Their story through Todd Heisler's Pulitzer photographs is told here.

As Jonathan Last wrote on Memorial Day, 2004, 

"With the combination of Memorial Day and the World War II Memorial dedication this weekend, the city is crawling with veterans. Last night I went to the mall (as in Pentagon City, not the National) and it was crowded with vets: old men and women in couples, or with their extended families. You see them walking around town and on the Metro, looking for directions and getting lost, just like any other tourists.

They're not, of course. They are the centurions who made this age possible. I grew up soft; spending my time in malls and on the phone with girls, on my eighteenth birthday worrying about which overpriced college I was going to attend. I can scarcely comprehend these giants.

But I'm more grateful than I can say. I'm also a little ashamed that the memorial they're being given seems, at least to my untrained eye, so inadequate.

But however imperfect this collection of stones is, the sentiment behind it is real. And if the World War II Memorial keeps these heroes and their families coming back to Washington often, so that this city can pay them tribute, then it will serve a fine purpose.".......

And now "the torch has been passed to a new generation of Americans" again. These are the New Centurions, the giants who make our Age possible.

Thank you, Lt. Cathey and Mrs. Cathey. Thank you, our patriots, our brothers and our sisters, on behalf of a grateful nation...and a grateful me.

"strewing with flowers..."

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