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TIME Magazine Cover: The Obama White House

                                                   The Tehran Open 

Square Reds-UPDATE: Gateway Pundit:


But that’s not the Kremlin.
It’s an Orthodox Cathedral in Moscow.
Their cover is almost as phony as the fake Russian conspiracy.
TIME magazine mixed up the Kremlin with St. Basil Cathedral on its cover!
The Christians are coming!

TIME's Dezinformatsiya Campaign was mizinformed. They had so many Russia experts at their fingertips to call upon--and they still got it wrong!

"'Collusion'? I invented collusion!"

"Actually Teddy, I did."
"Insert cash here, please."

"...and could you make that half-million check out to Hillary?--you know how she is about money!"

"Just kidding--they never ask anything."

"And my brother lobbies for Sberbank $anctions Relief, too!"

Peter Schweizer: Investigating the business ties between Russia and those in President Donald Trump’s orbit is a legitimate exercise. Still, those pushing the narrative of troubling ties to Russia lose all credibility by wholly ignoring the far deeper and more troubling relationships the Clintons and their closest aides have maintained with Russian government officials for years, including while they were in public office.

Bill and Hillary Clinton received large sums of money directly and indirectly from Russian officials while Hillary "Babushka" Clinton was Secretary of State.  Bill Clinton was paid a cool $500,000 (well above his normal fee) for a speech in Moscow in 2010.  Who footed the bill?  An investment firm in Moscow called Renaissance Capital, which boasts deep ties to Russian intelligence.  The Clinton Foundation itself took money from Russian officials and Putin-connected oligarchs.  They also took donations from:
  • Viktor Vekselberg, a Putin confidant who gave through his company, Renova Group
  •  Andrey Vavilov, a former Russian government official who was Chairman of SuperOx, a research company that was part of the “nuclear Cluster” at the Russian government’s Skolkovo research facility
  •  Elena Baturina, the wife of the former Mayor of Moscow, who apparently gave them money through JSC Inteco, an entity that she controls
Then there is the glaring fact that the Clinton Foundation also scored $145 million in donations from nine shareholders in a Canadian uranium company called Uranium One that was sold to the Russian government in 2010. The deal required the approval of several federal government agencies, including Hillary Clinton’s State Department. The deal allowed Rosatom, the Russian State Nuclear Agency, to buy assets that amounted to 20 percent of American uranium.  Rosatom, by the way controls the Russian nuclear arsenal. And the Iranians really like the quality.

Equally troubling: some of those donations were hidden and not disclosed by the Clintons. President Obama required the Clinton Foundation to disclose all contributions as a condition of Hillary Clinton becoming Secretary of State. But that did not happen. The only reason the hidden donations ever came to light is because we uncovered them by combing through Canadian tax records.

Everyone got what they wanted in this deal: the uranium investors made a nice profit; the Russians acquired a strategic asset; and the Clinton Foundation bagged a lot of money.

Hillary "Bribe-Me Granny" Clinton says she was not involved in the decision to approve the sale of Uranium One.  As proof, the Clinton campaign in 2015 trotted out the night janitor at State who approved the deal her former aide, Assistant Secretary of State Fernandez, to say publicly that we should take his word for it that she was not involved in approving that deal. But as we now know from the leaked Podesta emails, Fernandez was all too eager to help Podesta kill the story, while getting other favors from Podesta.  That raises questions about the veracity of his comments.

It seems strange that while some in Congress are eager to investigate the activities of General Mike Flynn and his contacts with Russia, they have no interest in looking into a transaction in which the Clinton Foundation received a staggering $145 million. It’s that kind of inconsistency that saps all credibility from those raising these issues.

Beyond the Clintons themselves, there is also the troubling case of one of their closest aides, John Podesta. He served as Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign chairman. Podesta didn’t just have conversations with Russian officials. He went into business with the Russian government while he was advising Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State.

In 2011, John Podesta joined the executive board of a small energy company called Joule Unlimited. Two months after he joined the board, the Russian government invested one billion rubles (approximately $35 million) into John Podesta the company. The money came from a Russian government investment fund called Rusnano. What is Rusnano? It is a fund started in 2007 by Vladimir Putin and has been described by Russian Education and Science Minister Andrei Fursenko as “Putin’s Child.”

According to State Department cables leaked via Wikileaks, technology venture funds like Rusnano were considered a national security concern by U.S. officials because they could serve a “dual use” in their investments. That is, their investments in civilian technologies could have a military application.

In short, John Podesta was business partners with the Russian government and Vladimir Putin.

When John Podesta went to the White House in January 2014 to serve as counselor to President Obama, he failed to disclose his board membership in one of the Joule entities on his financial disclosure form. According to the Podesta emails, Podesta transferred his 75,000 shares in the company to an LLC controlled by his family. But as the Wall Street Journal notes, the Podesta emails reveal he remained actively engaged in company business after that fact.

None of the individuals in Trump’s orbit who have Russian ties—Paul Manafort, Carter Page, and General Mike Flynn—are serving in the Trump White House. Had Hillary Clinton won the presidency, John Podesta would certainly have played a central role. Would the same people who are currently sounding the alarm bells about Russian influence in American politics have cared? I doubt it.

Peter Schweizer is the president of the Government Accountability Institute and the author of Clinton Cash
"The Russians made me screw over Bernie!"

(from December 2016:)
After the Russian Reset
After Russia starts a war in Ukraine proper and we refuse to arm them
After Russian proxies shoot down a jet-liner
After "Tell Vladimir I'll be more flexible after the election."
After letting Russians hack the White House with impunity
After allowing Russians to blackmail Europe with natural gas we could have provided
After removing missile defense from Poland
After giving the Russians all the details of Britain's nuclear defenses
After selling Russia part of our uranium supply
After "The 1980's called, Mitt; they want their foreign policy back."
After letting Russians establish military bases in the Middle East
After watching them bomb Syrian civilians into dust
After Russia helps cause massive, destabilizing refugee flows not seen since WWII
After letting the Russians provide the missile defenses for Iran's nuke factories

After all of that...Obama is finally, finally going to stand up to the Russians in his last week in office?

Just because Hillary lost? Just because Trump must be delegitimized at any cost?

Just because DNC staffer Seth Rich leaked the fact that Hillary was back-stabbing Bernie and Podesta was writing questions for the Poodle Press ? POTUS, Please.

Don't bother now, clown. No point in acting like an American president now. It's 8 years late and 10 Trillion Dollars short. Don't let the embossed White House seal on the door hit you in the ass on your way out.

This is what happens when you put an Islammunist incompetent in the White House, kids.

Don't ever do that again.
"'Rich'?--that doesn't sound Russian."

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