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Borders Without Doctors vs. Accessories After the Fact: Democrat Prosecutors and Judges Now Help Illegal Alien Criminals Rape, Rob and Kill With Impunity

If Democrat officials are going to dish out race-based exemptions from the law just as they did in the Jim Crow South, the Attorney General needs to bring federal Civil Rights charges to ensure justice and halt this Democrat Crime Wave. Public Safety is a Civil Right, too.

This is what Democrat officials' race-based exemption from the law looked like last time.
It's just as deadly this time.  

Ann Coulter: To Say, ‘Stop Raping Me!’ In English, Press ‘1’ Now

"The same media that slavishly ignored the alleged rape of a 14-year-old girl by two illegal immigrants in Rockville, Maryland, spent last week crowing about the prosecutor’s refusal to bring charges.
It turns out that illegal aliens gang-raping a 14-year-old girl in a bathroom stall is not a statutory rape because … the girl had previously sent one of her assailants prurient text messages. ...

According to the police report, she had run into her friend, 17-year-old Jose Montano, and his friend, 18-year-old Henry Sanchez-Milian, in a school hallway. (The 17- and 18-year-olds are both in the 9th grade. We really are getting the best illegal immigrants!) She knew Montano, but not Sanchez-Milian. Montano hugged her, slapped her buttocks and asked her to have sex with both men.
She says she said no — something generally missing from the corpus of cases making up the “campus rape epidemic.”

Montano and Sanchez-Milian then forced her into a boys’ bathroom, according to the report, where she grabbed the bathroom sink to stop them from dragging her into a stall, repeatedly saying “no.” In the stall, the illegals took turns holding her down, as they penetrated her orally, vaginally and anally. As she was screaming, they yelled at one another in Spanish.
Instead, because the accused rapists (“Dreamers,” as I call them) are illegal aliens, the media want to submit their names for sainthood. The prosecutor, Montgomery County State’s Attorney John McCarthy, wants to know how short the 14-year-old’s skirt was.

McCarthy dropped rape charges against both suspects, reportedly on the grounds that the girl had previously sent nude photos of herself to Montano. This, the prosecutor interpreted as consent to have multi-orifice sex in a bathroom stall with him, as well as any of his friends.
There’s also the fact that she’s 14 years old! Her alleged rapists are 17 and 18. Under about 700 years of Anglo-Saxon law, that’s statutory rape. (Statute of Westminster of 1275.) Apparently, diversity — in addition to being a “strength” — requires us to jettison our statutory rape laws.
This is the case the media are howling with glee about — demanding that President Trump apologize for even mentioning it.

The New York Times and Washington Post both editorialized about Trump’s “reflexive immigrant-bashing” -– after first telling their readers about the alleged rape that neither paper had bothered reporting when it happened.

CNN — which also didn’t mention the Rockville case until charges were dropped — is in a state of high dudgeon at Trump for citing the rape.

Erin Burnett announced: “Tonight, the White House not backing down, refusing to retract its comments on an alleged rape case used — that they used as an example of why the United States should crack down on illegal immigration.”

Correspondent Ryan Nobles raged that White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer referred to what happened to the 14-year-old girl as “tragedies like this.”".......

Ah, CNN: One day, they're whipping up mobs against cops and the next day they're muffling the screams of  teenage girls.
"I got my claw-hammer through the skull at the CNN-sponsored Ferguson Riots--thanks, CNN!" 
There is an epidemic of prosecutors excusing non-citizen criminals while charging American citizens for the same crimes. It keeps them from deportation. That is illegal discrimination based on national origin. And clinically insane.

Howie Carr: "A state judge freed a previously deported Uber driver accused of rape on light bail even after a prosecutor insisted that federal immigration agents were drafting a detainer and asked for high bond to hold him, according to a court recording obtained by the Herald.

The stunning tape of Tuesday’s hearing reveals Newton District Court Judge Mary Beth Heffernan cutting the arguments short before a defense attorney could even counter the prosecution’s $100,000 bail and GPS-monitoring demand, interjecting, “Twenty-five hundred dollars cash.”

Luis Baez — now being sought by immigration authorities who tell the Herald he’s dropped out of sight — is accused of raping an inebriated Boston College student who had hailed his Uber car Sept. 29. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials said they made attempts to find Baez, but have been unsuccessful.".......

Howie Carr again: "There are two judges in the Boston Municipal Court named Lisa A. Grant.

One of them is the judge who signed off on the plea deal that enabled a violent foreign thug named Bampumim Teixeira to serve a mere nine months for robbing two banks and thus avoid being deported. This bloodthirsty punk should have been in prison, or he should have been deported, or both, but thanks to the American “justice” system, he was free last week to allegedly slit the throats of two physicians in South Boston. Celebrate diversity!

We knew the name of the judge who’d signed off on this appalling deal as early as Monday, but nobody wanted to point the finger at the wrong Lisa A. Grant. So I started calling the office of District Attorney Dan Conley, asking which Judge Lisa A. Grant went along with the terrible decision to coddle a monster. The prosecutors couldn’t tell me. They didn’t know, apparently. Finally, they told me to call the clerk’s office. That was the only way we finally found out which Lisa A. Grant did it.

I mention this only because, if it had been a rare occasion — bending over backwards to enable a worthless immigrant to remain in the country and continue his crime spree — they might have remembered who’d signed off on this terrible deal. Instead, it’s pretty clear that this system — where the book gets thrown at American lawbreakers, and the PC powers that be look the other way at the vagrants, freeloaders and killers ruining this country — has become a way of life, and last Friday night in South Boston, a way of death for two unarmed Americans.

Judge Lisa Anne Grant is the one who was appointed first. She’s the one who signed off on the deal that freed the accused killer. She was appointed to the BMC in March 2014. In September, Deval appointed Lisa Ann Grant. (The difference — her middle name doesn’t have an “E” on the end.)".......

Carr can distinguish between two judges--but the judges won't distinguish between citizens and non-citizens, except in the non-citizen's favor. Let me help:


 illegal alien green-card holder, assisted by Democrat officials to avoid deportation for bank robberies
CNN has a lengthy article about the case, chock-full of facts--except pertinent facts about the killer's immigration status and the Democrats' role in helping him remain here. CNN even tries to massage his bank robberies into "larcenies" and repeatedly stress how he didn't use a gun or harm anyone, although he threatened both (which they also don't report). Clearly they are trying to provide cover for the Democrat officials who enabled him by stressing his non-violent "note-passing" at the banks.

Note to CNN: downplaying this criminality just got two doctors' throats slit during a robbery. Stop it.

Their "report" has been Ethnically-Cleansed of certain facts. They know these facts. But they've decided you don't need to know these facts. They are going to do your thinking for you because, let's face it, they are better people than you. Because You Can't Handle the Truth, Hater! Narrative Forever!

"Field and Bolanos were well-regarded anesthesiologists. Field was instrumental in founding North Shore Pain Management, according to a statement from the staff there.
"He was a valued member of the medical community and a tremendous advocate for his patients," North Shore Pain Management said in a statement on its website. "His tragic and sudden passing leaves an inescapable void in all of us."
Bolanos was a pediatric anesthesiologist at Massachusetts Eye and Ear, according to the clinic's CEO, John Fernandez.
"Dr. Bolanos was an outstanding pediatric anesthesiologist and a wonderful colleague in the prime of both her career and life," he said in a statement. "We will do all we can to support their families and our staff members who are processing this senseless tragedy and grieving an enormous loss.""
I cannot but note this bitter irony:
"The family asked that donations in memory of the victims be made to Doctors Without Borders."
"Doctors Without Borders" they certainly were. In their own country.

And Democrats Without Borders is what killed the Doctors.

#ProfessionalLiar Media-UPDATE: If the national networks hadn't cleansed their "reporting" of facts about immigration, I might have learned sooner that the killer was a green-card holder. According to Ryan Kath and Beth Germano of WBZ-TV, when he committed two bank robberies, the Democrat DA and Democrat Judge cut a deal with his Democrat lawyers to charge "larceny of a person" and sentence him to 364 days, a day short of the standard for deportation. And less than a citizen would receive.

Democrats Without Borders is still what killed the Doctors.


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