Saturday, May 21, 2016

¡D.C. Libré!

Not counting the American flag, how many oppressors can you name in this picture?

Well, you have Commie Fan-boy Tweedle-Dee and Commie Murderer Tweedle-Dum.

But don't forget the Racist Trees! 

To call them lunatics is to slur the moon.

This photo is often dismissed as proof of our Limp-Wristed Diplomacy--Not That There's Anything Wrong With That(tm): 

But there's more to it than Mr. Limp Wimp's Usual Surrender Tour. It contains a lie and the truth.

The one telling the truth is the Military Dictator Castro. He knows that both men are Communists. In his passion to celebrate the Marxist victory of placing a fellow traveler in the White House, Castro grabs the arm of his comrade, like this:

Obama knows all this instantly. He needs to maintain the fiction that he is not a Commie to fool the folks at home. So he let's his hand go limp to prevent the victory photo from being taken, and immediately engages a bystander in joking banter to further misdirect viewers.

Our friend Fausta:

...Bernie Sanders, whose platform actively promotes the so-called “democratic socialism.”...Which, in practical terms, means that communism is palatable if everybody votes for it so nobody has a right to complain. Your rights to private property and self-determination are done for either way, no matter what color lipstick that pig wears. 
It’s like being a little pregnant.
Reagan defeated Communism abroad. Whether he knows it yet or not, Trump is going to have to defeat them at home.

(color photos via Babalu)

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