Thursday, May 12, 2016

Lincoln Abolished Slavery. Obama Abolishes...The Ladies' Room?


If they had told me in junior high that I could shower with the girls' tennis team if only I felt a little feminine that day, I would have hit them.

With my purse.

And there's your problem. On what basis will we exclude bad actors from the ladies' room if we legislate a right for every man to decide for himself?

A: None. And according to Loretta Lynch, for the police to even question some peeping tom about his gender identification is like Bull Connor releasing the German Shepherds on the marchers at Selma. Same thing.

This is not about the transgendered per se.

It's about creating a legal standard that allows everyone to decide if they are entitled to use any facility they feel like. Guess what? Criminals will decide in their own favor. Unless you think American sex offenders are particularly well-behaved, thoughtful and considerate and would never drive a truck through a mile-wide loophole and exploit the situation for selfish or criminal purposes. Because they respect boundaries, you see.

We cannot "self-identify" whether or not we are tax-payers. Or speeders. Or surgeons. Yet for this we can?

Let's go real world. Your local perv hears all about his legal right to choose his gender and decides he wants to check out the shower facilities at the local gym. Let's make up a name for him....we'll call him, say, 'Bill Cosbee'.  Okay, Mr. Cosbee goes to the gym and starts nosing around the girls' showers. When the screaming starts, the police are called.

Ofc. Kupke: "Mr. Cosbee, come out of that shower!"
Cosbee: "No! Loretta Lynch says I have a legal right to be here--I feel like a woman!"
Ofc. Kupke: "You're not a woman--I can see that."
Cosbee: "But I feel like I am. Can you prove I don't feel that way?"
Ofc. Kupke: "Well, your flag is at full mast..."
Cosbee: "It doesn't matter. I don't have to have an operation. I don't have to wear a dress. I don't have to be effeminate. I don't have to do anything. Legally, all I have to do is feel like it. The Justice Dept. said don't want to lose your highway funding, do you?"
Ofc. Cupcake: "Well, no..."
Cosbee: "Or your education funding? Or housing money? Or those new police cars you wanted?"
Ofc. Kupke: "No...we...I..."
Cosbee: "Hand me that towel."
Ofc. Kupke: "Yes,'am..."
Cosbee: "And officer, make sure this doesn't happen again or you'll be spending your vacation in Sensitivity Training. Are we clear?"
Ofc. Kupke: "Sorry to have bothered you. Mr. Cosbee. Alright, girls--clear out of Mr. Cosbee's shower!"
Cosbee: "Oh, no--they can stay. Tic-Tac, anybody?"

Obama claims this is ALREADY the law under the Civil Rights Act of 1964 which is a bald-faced lie. That law prohibited discrimination based on sex, which was always taken to mean if you had a men's room, you had to have a women's room, not that there was really no such thing as 'men' and 'women'.

Congress has purposefully refused to define gender this way. The Court could have easily done so when they were inventing and imposing same-sex marriage on the nation based on the post-Civil War slavery amendments. But they purposefully refused also, if only to gain 'Justice' Kennedy's vote.

It is particularly cynical that Obama cites Title 9 and the Violence Against Women Act.

This would guarantee more violence against women. And Title 9 has been used as a baseball bat to get more women's sports. Okay, a softball bat. You geniuses got any guesses on what will happen to girls' participation when there are males in their locker rooms and showers? C'mon, take a guess; you're the Smartest People Evah(tm)!

Nor can it be waved away as a local and state issue. That's what they said about marriage. We've already seen how that con is run. And federal judges are already trying to scribble it into the Constitution, and Obama is blackmailing the states with federal funds--all the states, not just North Carolina. It is not a local issue.

The moral grandstanding against North Carolina should stop. Disney, Coke, the NBA and the NFL are all virtue-signaling. Instead of preening against North Carolina, they could open up all their own women's rooms at their own corporate offices to men. If they really believe what they say, they can announce on the Jumbo-tron that all women's rooms at their stadiums across the country will now be open to men. Disney can advertise how their theme park bathrooms are gender-fluid zones, Mr. Toad's Really Wild Rides.

Yeah. I didn't think so.

Update: Rod Dreher: "This. This is the key to understanding this entire thing. Whatever is demanded today will not be enough. There will always be more demanded, and the assurances that it will only go this far, no further, are worthless. Reason has nothing to do with this. It’s entirely about power. You will learn this now, or you will learn this later, but you will be made to learn it."

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