Wednesday, May 25, 2016

ECHO Echo echo CHAMBER Chamber chamber


Ace of SpadesWhat a Shock: NPR Canceled Iran-Deal Critic In Order to Give Iran-Deal Supporter -- Who Donated $700,000 to Station -- Unchallenged Appearance
"The media continues to not cover this story -- which all began with Ben Rhodes revelations about the eager "echo chamber" in the media he found to propagate Obama's lies..."

Hot Air: Oops! NPR admits it did cancel interview with Iran-deal critic
"National Public Radio admitted Monday that it did cancel an interview with Rep. Mike Pompeo, a congressional critic of the Iran deal, despite having told the Associated Press last week that it had no
record of contact with him." ...............

If you contribute at the $10 level, you will receive this lovely NPR totebag!

If you contribute at the $25 level, you will receive the NPR totebag, plus this awesome COEXIST bumpersticker for your Volvo. However, the bumpersticker  features only the Crescent Moon "C", because the "C" demanded jizya payments from all the other letters.

If you contribute at the $50 level, you will receive a "Peter, Paul and Mary sing the NWA Catalogue" CD.

If you participate at the $100 level, Ken Burns will let you rummage through his recycling.

And if participate at the $700,000 level, you can have your political opponents removed from the air so you can propagandize your little Farsi heart out without any pesky pushback.

Sorry, NPR; helping Iran point ICBMs at America kinda' outweighs any good All Things Considered and Car Talk might have done over the years. Pull your heads out of your Garrulous Keisters.

At your foundation, you foreswore editorializing and becoming a partisan mouthpiece for any candidate. You said "All Things Considered", not "Some Things Considered--Others Dismissed Out of Hand".

We don't need another National Propaganda Regurgitator, NPR.

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