Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Gitmo Doesn't Cause Terrorism; Terrorism Causes Gitmo!

Former USAF Intelligence Officer G. Murphy Donovan at American Thinker:

“General Washington didn’t need to convert the English; he needed to defeat the idea of colonial imperialism. General Grant didn’t need to win the hearts and minds of Georgians; he needed Sherman to scorch a path to Atlanta and flank General Lee. Eisenhower and MacArthur didn’t need to “stabilize” Germany and Japan; FDR needed his generals to defeat two toxic ideologies – and demand unconditional surrender.

Nation building” is a logical consequence of, not a substitute for, victory.

When politicians and generals cannot define the conflict, or the enemy, defeat or indefinite conflict becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Petraeus’s rhetoric about “insurgency” is just the bong resin of Vietnam.

The other day, Petraeus penned an opinion piece for the Washington Post where he exhumed every politically correct canard and excuse for Islam, Muslims, terrorists, recent small wars, and future jihads. His headline, “Anti-Muslim Bigotry Aids Islamist Terrorists,” captures the flavor of what followed. The general’s argument begins by blaming the victim and goes downhill from there."......

Gen. Petraeus achieved a great Surge Victory in Iraq--until it was gift-wrapped by Obama and handed off to his Mullahs. Then the Blob co-opted the now-lobbyist general. Sad!

Don't despair. Help is on the way.

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